Monday, June 03, 2013

My 10 mo old boy

Who is sooooo making her mommy nerves on edge semalam sebab tanak tidur and if he nak tidur pon, atas mommy and ME being ME who is all alone with no help ( maid? what maid... she went out with her friends from morning till maghrib all weekend) aku rase nak cekik semua orang.

Anyway, aside from that... he is growing up.. to be what.. I dont know yet. Somewhat clingy, demanding, knows what he wants, like Game of Thrones song. ( sorry, I can't help it, I love that soundtrack, but I let him watch the series, when.. hmm.. maybe he is starting college? )

Last weekend swim. Comel sangat kan. (jawabbb yeee)

So what is up with him.

He is 10 month today! 2 more months and he will be my tiny tots. No longer my tiny baby. Sedih!

He already have 2 teeth at his bottom, it is the cutest thing and he likes using my hand as teether. Sekarang rase geli2 la kan, tunggu la nanti bile dah fully grown. 

He can stand! And he stands up so proudly looking at his mommy and sengih besar sambil kepak2 tangan expecting applause and smiles and hugs afterwards. Again. The cutest thing ever!

Gambar ni blurry. Saya tahu. Just wanna shows how excited he is standing up.

I am still feeding him bubur, but with new teeth, maybe nasi and lauk next. As long as his hopeless mother can masak rice just right. Tah hape2 la mak die ni. 

He still likes Taylor Swift. The duration I can mandi is as long as Taylor Swift videoclip played. I am thinking to introduce him to Barney next because I notice he likes the songs, but not so much cartoons. My nephew and niece grew up on Barney and they seems to have awesome vocab, so why not la. He also likes the Game of Thrones theme song. I used that to stop him crying. 

Die loves cat. If I sepahkan his mainan on the floor, he played with it for a few minutes or just whack some once or twice then proceed to crawl to the corner when I simpan the mainan kucing and proceed to main with the cats. Sometimes I think it is more beneficial for all of us (bulus included) to just buy cat toys instead of kid toys. 

The cats love it. If he started to go there, those 3 will come near sebab tahu dah .. playtime!

He can be very demanding. Before sleeping nak orang urut2 dengan vicks and minyak yuyi. I know this because I try to get him to sleep, but he refused and then nangis2 sambil tarik2 rambut. Stress taw bile die buat camni. 

He is already in FM starting from last month, so I BF him till he was around 9 mo. Ok la tu. He is still BF ing by the way, but the FM is only supplementary at the moment. Memula try to introduce him to Isomil kut. I pon tak ingat. He hates it. He nangis-nangis tepis. So we bought Karihome ( the susu kambing for babies ni) and tested him on it and he likes it. Fininshed 8 oz at one go. Banyak. I tested Karihome tu sikit and it tasted like EBM a bit. No wonder la. 

Well.. theres a lot of other things la he can do but mommy kena continue buat defects fix. So later la. A step close to tots. So sad, but at the same time, grow up faster because he is soooo clingyyyy. 

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