Friday, May 17, 2013

Setelah sekian lama, goodbye DiGi

I had been a loyal customer of DiGi from 2000 /2001. I can't remember. Back in those days, phone are gile expensive and beli line sama jugak cekik darahnye. My first phone the banana nokia was actually given by my then bf. He got sick of calling me through my friends and bought me a phone because I told him I don't think so I need a phone. Hahaha. Sekarang dah phone addicted kan. I cerita to my husband that and he just looked glum ( as his usual looks when I told him of my ex bfs which is honestly I don't tell much laaa .. considering my ex bfs... ) . 

Anyway the then bf gave me the phone but told me I need to get my own line. Pffttt. Well, I remembered then Maxis you need to pay more than RM200 to get the prepaid. Almost RM300 kut, and DiGi was RM159. I went with the cheaper one. Why not other telco at the time? At that time, UTP masih diconsider as kawasan jin tendang, and Maxis, you can get almost full bar there, but for DiGi if you prop your handphone right at the katil or cabinet tepi katil in the hostel, you can get 1 or 2 bar of line. Haha. Boleh la tu. 

Fuh I remember that time when sms was RM0.20 sen a piece and we were very concerned on how much a minute cost per call. Sekarang guna whatsapp je kan. Sape je lagi still using SMS ni. Then bile nak bergayut semua yang line DiGi ni, selalu kena keluar bilik to get a clear line. Come to think of it, that is what is currently happening to those using DiGi in Bukit Antarabangsa kut sekarang in 2013. Dalam bilik tingkat atas je dapat line. Selain tu, no call zone unless you keluar rumah. Setiap kali I nak call orang I kena to be in my room or go outside. And I had been living with that for years. Calling them to complain or help? Tadek guna ok, they will blame the phone, saying it is the phone fault when in fact we had tukar more than 5 phones with same result. Ye la kan, orang call center ni they have a certain dialogue. These are mostly not real support person, they are just there to placate the customer with placebo in term of dialogue. 

Husband gotten annoyed of never being able to call me, so he said let's tukar la. So we tukar to Maxis. Warily. We had heard numerous horror stories of Maxis where they are rampantly overcharging their customers macam customers die orang ni berak duit. I know those who had been overcharged near RM20k.  So of course we are very concerned but I know of people who say they never have those issues and praised Maxis to the sky, ( okay tipu, cuma cakap Maxis is good la). So we are hoping to be the latter. 

So, goodbye DiGi. It had been more than 10 years. Many a sleepless night had been have because of your service. And to be honest, I hardly felt the difference pon bile tukar, cuma every few days duk check data usage. Mestiiiiii. 


kak aidah said...

Akak setia dgn celcom sbb husband dpt corporate rate masa dia keje dulu. Byr soploh ringgit je every month tak termasuk call charges la. Tapi akk rasa sekarang ni prepaid sgt jimat. 25 sn per call, tak kira berapa lama and berapa jauh. Kalau tak silap lah.
At last akak boleh komen your blog. Tapi iz punya blog pulak akak tak dpt komen. Tak tahu pesal.

dils said...

hehe. kekadang leceh gak disqus ni, rase macam nak tuka balik pada asal tapi malas pon ade gak. Haha.

Saya dulu guna prepaid rase best je, tapi saya ni byk guna internet kat phone, so tak boleh la guna prepaid. Hehe

lini said...

no still sama ke dila..

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