Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ape lagi mahu

Honestly. The newspaper dekat country ni macam tadek conscience kan. Rase macam nak carik2 editor yang approve all these headlines today. I am not sure what they are trying to gain but they are treading in dangerous water. 

That being said, I am gonna say this, schools should not be segregated according to race. While any races can enter the vernacular school, but the channel is left wide open for segregation. Then nak pelik kenapa racism berlaku. I don't understand the need of vernacular school. If they really want it, then make it like sekolah agama la. An optional school, after you had attended a 1Malaysia school that is attended by all races equally. Bebudak johor boleh je juggle 2 school hari-hari, so ok what. Semua happy. But no... these people want to make education as their political agenda, then nak pelik why we have a long way to go as 1 Malaysia. 

Wow is this my most serious post in a while kan. Tee hee

Ok this topic is kinda reprehensible, so I am gonna stop here. Also I sangat mengantuk. Also jari ai sakit nak taip banyak2. I slept on my finger (that sounds weirdd), but it happens and now the finger is all kind of cramps and achey. 

Oh ye. Husband is back for a while for a meeting. So hurray! Dengan itu I nak pujuk die pegi Pavilion sebab I nak squid ink pasta weekend ni. 

Ending this post with this picture. Sekarang ni Bobby suke pulak ngendeng2 kat Ajis. Pantang la pintu bilik tu bukak mesti nak masuk nak join jadi baby sekali.


Iz Yahya said...

bestnya ngendeng kat bontot ajis hihi

dils said...

best. Bontot Ajis empuk dengan pampers campo bau2 masam. Haha

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