Monday, November 26, 2012

Random Stuffs

- I am drinking this nursing tea ni. Ala tea yang penuh dengan fenugreek dan tah hape rempah ratus to increase milk production. I rase la macam berkurangan, so before this I bought the Milkmaid Tea yang highly recommended, tapi tu kat rumah je. So at the office ni I bought Joy tea. Now I know why Milkmaid Tea is highly recommended walaupon expensive (RM40++ for I think 10 satchets. Ke 8 Aku reuse and reuse sampai dah tadek rase dah satchet tu baru buang. Haiii... saya kedekut ). I love Milkmaid Tea punye taste and smell. Very soothing. Not unlike usual herbal tea. This Joy one is HORRIBLE. It felt like I bancuh rempah kari instead. I put loads of honey in it, which only made it worse. Bahh. I think I will be sticking with the Milkmaid Tea. However I still got 4 more bag of the vile tea left. It is not in my kedekut nature to waste it, thus I must drink it. 

- This Saturday husband is home. This meannn, I can go out shopping with Ajis during the weekend! Without much hassle! We'll be going to Bintulu for Ajis to see his grandfather and grandma soon. Rase gundah gulana pikirkan how to survive with a 4 mth old baby on a 2 ++ hrs flight. 

- I had been trimming my series watch. Need to be picky. I no longer care to watch Nikita ( is it still on?), and 90210. Also I left out Parenthood, but I like to marathon Parenthood, so maybe I left it sampai end of the season then watch at one go. Senang. Walking Dead pon dah malas after the sucky FARM stories in season 2. I much rather just stick reading the graphic novel. Much more satisfying and less angsty. Andrea is so much more cooler in written/drawing form than in the series. So does Michonne. I am very very glad that Gossip Girl and Fringe is ending this season too. I dont like the Observer story. And Gossip Girl, you just wanna finish it. It is getting ridiculous by the day, but hey, it had always been ridiculous. 

My favorite new show now is Emily Owens M.D. Love Mamie Gummer. The Mindy Project is ok too, but ..hmm what can I say, I felt like it is a poorer version of New Girl. Also added 666 Park Avenue to my series list. It is ok enough. Not too fucked up like American Horror Story so I can watch it and just be mildly scared and not at all turn off. And of course my favorite show will always be The Good Wife. I love it. Husband mention I should watch Suit, I tried to, but I feel like I much prefer The Good Wife court room and political drama. 

- Hari isnin adalah hari yang sangat mengantuk. Sekian.


Kak Aidah said...

Hmmm...akak baru beli box set Suits dan Weeds season 7. Tak sabar jugak nak tengok. Tapi kekurangan masa sangat sekarang ni. Dik, happy belated birthday ya. Akak tak dapat tinggal komen last time, tak tahu kenapa ada error pulak.

dils said...

Hehe. Kalau ade masa memang lagi banyak lagi saya nak tengok, tapi tu la, pilih je la mana yang berkenan.

Thanks akak. Disqus ni kenkadang weng jugak.

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