Tuesday, April 03, 2012

XY or XX

Let's get it out there. I am having a boy. 90% confirm lah. Kalau tetiba keluar girl, I terima je. Did I ever tell you the story of myself as a fetus? Hehe. 

Tadek la story bebenar. But my mom always told us that when she was carrying me, the doctor checking her told her that she's carrying a boy. She said the doctor confirm this 3 times. And the family was thrilled, because my parents already have 2 daughters, so a boy is a welcome change I think. And then... Voila! I came out! A girl! A complete surprise to all. Yes, I always aim to surprise even as a fetus. ( and to answer my friend who asked me once, I don't have a penis, hidden, undescended or otherwise. Or my gynae would probably mention that)

So taking pengajaran so to say from this true story, sometimes things maybe different from we thought. So long as he is healthy (or she), I am happy. But also I also kinda have a feeling very early on that I gonna have a boy. Not because of any superstitious or old wives tale or what. Because something that my gynae had mentioned. 

She said, that if we are aiming for a specific gender, intercourse during the early 'subur' period will more likely to produce a boy, and the later it is into the subur period, you're more likely to get a girl. I did my calculation based on that when I found out I was pregnant, so I was kinda expecting it to be a boy. Not that we were aiming for any specific gender, sebab tak kesah la kan. But this kinda thing does make it interesting to know and I know of some couple after a succession of girls or boys, do want to get another gender, so maybe this will throw the odds in your favor. Also note the 'more likely' remark mentioned, because gender is also determined by a variety of things, ( DNA of particular parent, bla bla.. aku kalau boring aku kenkadang baca science article on things I find interesting)... so you never know. 

Panjang cerita gender baby ni. 

Nowadays macam biasa. I think the nausea is getting OK. Though I still feel like throwing up a lot of the time. But that is an improvement from most of the time. So yeay? 

Apart from thattt... ape lagii. Oh yes, husband had gone back to Turk. But I think I am more able to wash the dishes now. The key is to stay away from lemon, lime or citrussy smell. Which is sedih sebab I like those smells tahu duluu. My dishwasher is now aloe vera and cucumber smell so I don't have to immediately throw up after washing my dishes. 

Also last week baru lah first time I felt the baby kick. Aku tengah syok2 ratah leher ayam, I felt a persistent kick at my lower abodomen. I was kinda like.. huh.. weird stomachache. Then I realize it was the baby kicking. I think I might had felt it before, but I just thought my stomach is acting up. It is kinda weird how alien your body feels to you when you are pregnant. It feels surreal that a tiny little thing is doing all sorts of acrobatic thing in my stomach. Whenever I try to imagine it, my mind kept on thinking of that scene from Alien where the thing burst out of him. Hah. Cerita Alien adalah awesome ok. 

I think I am blanking out. Maybe later, more updates.


FrH said...

its a boyyyyy. yeayyyyyyy. bole kawan dgn mariam. told u before, thn ni adalah thn boy! tpppp, kot2 kuar girl, xde laa weird sgt a girl wears blue. but i dont prefer boys wear pink. haha, tetiba.

enjoy the acrobatic moves. nanti 7-8 bulan paling kritikal sbb dah tukar jadik kungfu moves plak kehkehkeh ;)

mommy nazeef said...

boy??congrats beb...excited huh!! :)

Dils said...

Haah. Ok je girl wear blue. Kalau boy pakai pink nanti org pelikk.

Tu la. Enjoy sementara die masih tendang geli2 lagi. Haha

Thanks norish!

Anonymous said...

congrate dila...!


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