Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 things

Husband had been bugging me to update. I told him I have no idea what is there to update.  I think I am becoming stupider day by day. 

He told him, just update about the cats or pregnancy . Meh. Maybe I would do these short burst blogging in one entry whatever topic come to mind eh? 

Book - A Dance With Dragons. 
I read the book slowly which is something I don't do. Maybe because I get tired easily nowadays, but a lot of the time also because this is currently the last book to last me until 2015? 2019? Until G.R.M.M released his Wind of Winter.

The book is a massive improvement over the Feast of Crows, just because all the usual favorite characters are back, Jon Snow (HUNK! You can just imagine Val hoping Jon Snow would hop into bed with her) , Tyrion ( he's a bit bitter in this book which I don't really like because I feel like slapping his face, but he got better towards the end ) and Daenaerys ( which still remain a mystery to me on how does she think. Well apparently 50% of the time, she thinks with her vagina. But she is what... 17 , 18 in this book? So that is forgivable. I think ). Davos is growing on me, so does Theon. Not that he is likable, but he is interesting to read. 

So the book is awesome, but I am sad. Because I have to wait forever for the next book. This is why I don't like reading uncomplete series. I very the tak sabar one. The next book in my to read list is Alice in Wonderland? I tried to read it once, but gave it halfway. The narration style seems ... a bit off to me. I will be trying again. 

Cats ( well, I have to push in the cat update in kann)

I had a dream about Fasha last night. I dreamt she poops on my pillow. Haha. I have no idea what that meant but in the dream I was just glad she is there, that I don't mind as much. I also had a dream about her several weeks ago, where she is glad to find me and come running to me. I miss her a lot. 

Tak jumpa any new gamba Fasha here (work laptop). Ade kat komputer di rumah, so nah gamba Kurap

Nowadays it is Kurap who will woke me up at some ungodly hour. Half the time she wants to poop, the other half is because she wants me to stroke her fur. Mengada ke tak kucing aku ni? When Fasha is around, the tugas to wake me up was Fasha. Kurap just lies around somewhere waiting for Fasha to successfully woke me up. Let me see if I can remember what ways she used to wake me up. 

1. She lightly bit my foot. Afterwards when I slept, I tucked my feet neatly in the blanket. 

2. She countered that with lightly bitten me on my hand or finger. I countered that by tucking in my hand or finger in pillows or blankets. 

3. She sat on top of me staring at my face until I woke up. Very creepy though it only works half the time. 

4. She mewed at me. That doesn't work at all. (Though for Kurap it works because Kurap is very loud).

5. She chewed at my hair. Though I suspect that is due because she likes the smell. Whenever I used to shampoo my hair with Loreal (the pink color bottle one that smells like bubblegum), she will do this and not only to wake me up but other time, just because. And it does wakes me up, because yucks!

6. She teared out the tissue out of the tissue box that is placed next to me one by one, noisily. She does not do this because she is bored. Well, maybe she is a bit bored, but she stops immediately when I woke up to stop her doing it and bounded happily to the door. 

7. She licks my mouth or lightly put her nose at my lips. Haha. That is the surefire way to wake me up. Cat breath! So this was one of the last method she tried on me. Sedihhh. 

I tried to find a cat with her fur marking. Susah tahu takkk.. Susahh. But wouldn't it be unfair to the cat since I'll expect her to be Fasha? 

As for Bobby and Jejai. The male cats in my life, nanti la update. Panjang sangat dah update about the cats. 

Android Games
I am currently addicted with playing Samurai vs Zombies. 

Best taw. It works a bit like Plants vs Zombies, which is I love to play again and again, but unfortunately Sony tablet don't support it. Heyyy... aku sanggup bayar nak game tu ko tak support haa. In the game, you've  protect the village from a horde of zombies by calling forth all the various assistance provided, villagers, bowmen, priest and use special power like katana slash, lethargy. It is really fun and addictive. I was stuck at Wave 33, ( wave = level ), and it got annoying. So I reset and try to play again to see if i will be stuck at Wave 33 lagi. 

I am still playing Draw Something which is like last month or 2 months ago punyer latest game apps sensation, but it got old really fast. I just occasionally opened the app nowadays when I got nothing to do and play it. It got especially boring when people DON'T DRAW anything but give hints in words or straightaway give the answer. You kinda lose mood to play, sebab macam tak sporting laa gitu. Yang buat fun playing it still is with my husband, sebab boleh kutuk-kutuk each other punye drawing.

Sims Freeplay pon I got bored because, I am tired of waiting around in real time for the action to finish. 

What other game apps yang best? 

I think ok laa tu untuk update. Masa untuk work time. Rightt 


Iz Yahya said...

How sweet. pandainya Kurap the attention seeker. Hahaha. My cats kalau dapat tissue, diorang boleh 'saljikan' rumah. Lepas tu kakak pun naik hantu. Hahahaha

Dils said...

Actually Fasha dulu yang suke buat2 mende meraban2 tu kalau nak kejutkan tuan die. Kurap kalau nak kejutkan die miau je. Since vokal die kuat memang bangun la.

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