Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random (I'm so vain all I talk is about me)

Well I feel like I should blog before things get busy. It had been an easy week(s!) so far because memang kurang keje la. Now sudah dapat task baru so bring it on! 

I am not looking forward to this Sunday because it means husband will be back at Turkmenistan. That means I have to handle all the chores alone. I could do with most chores, except washing the dishes. God. I hate doing the dishes. I much rather chuck out Kurap and Bobby punye litter box. That is how unpleasant I view doing the dishes nowadays. 

I am still in my nausea state, and I bemoan to my husband that probably I will be one of those unlucky one who got those nausea sampai la ke beranak. Dengan itu, I think most probably I'll need to start fasting as soon as I can. Ganti puasa tahun lepas. Just goes to show what procrastination does for you. 

Apart from that the pregnancy is going OK so far. No complication so far. Probably by next week I'll know the gender but we'll see if the baby is willing to show so much. I am showing a bit, but if I walk next to an exercise equipment shop or show, orang2 kat situ beria-ria memanggil asking me to try. So to outsiders I look fat instead of pregnant. Heh. 

Ops, beside the no complication, doctor is mildly concerned re my iron level. So sekarang ni laa baru aku nak terhegeh-hegeh nak makan sayur e.g. leafy greens, broccoli to up my iron intake. Mementang doctor check up next week. Tapi aku baca red meat pon up jugak iron intake. Banyak je makan daging. Maybe not red meat kut. Nowadays I can't stand the sight of steak which my husband found funny because I am such a carnivore before. 

Before I opened up blogger, there was a VARIETY of issues that is not at all concerning me, I want to talk about, then it just disappear and then all I could think of is me, me, me. 

Ohhh... hari ni I nak start baca A Dance With Dragons. Paperback die dah keluar. Yeay!


mommy nazeef said...

bebeh...jage diri bebaik okey :)
post ler gamba yg tembam ituh...nak tengok!

FrH said...

kau sejak pregnant ke xsuke washing dishes? blame the hormone! ;)

nausea sampai beranak .. damnnnn lama .. tp ada org kata kalau pregnant susah, anak nnt mudah jaga. harap2 laa yek :)

manader kau gemuks! ok jekkk aku tengok aritu..

nnt reveal the gender plak ok! (sibuk nak tau, btw, ramai org kata thn ini ialah thn boy .. we'll see).

Dils said...

Setakat ni tadek lagi pon amik gamba. Haha.

Ha ah. Dengar pon mcm ramai boy. Kite tengok minggu depannn! Nanti mesti aku announcenyer.

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