Friday, March 02, 2012

The Old Couple Again

Last year there was a post which I mentioned that whenever I used to go to work early morning at 4 a.m. (zaman call center), I used to see these old Chinese couple out for a walk. I seen them again last year after I got back from my mamak session at 4 a.m. 

Older and wearier now as last year I think that was the only late night mamak session I had hence the encounter. Nowadays the thought of staying up til 2 a.m. is unbearable because no matter how late I slept, I'll wake up before 10 a.m. in the weekend. 

Anyway, I always assume they went out for a really early morning exercise walk as they always walk together with white hand towel around their shoulder .

Last week Kurap decided to stay out overnight. Even with incessant calling of "Kuraaaappp" at the front and back of the house, nary a fluff of that orange, black and white fur can be seen. Seperti ibu yang risaukan anak dara die yang lagak bagaikan bohsia, I kept on waking up and found myself at my bedroom window to see if I can catch a glimpse of her tail in our front yard. 

Saya maseh virgin dan inesen

So around 3 a.m I woke up and went to the window. Dengan keadaat yang sangat vision impaired ( kenapa tah I tak pakai spek dan perasan I can catch a glimpse of Kurap spec-less sedangkan bentuk manusia pon mengagau je aku agak ) I saw someone is crowding around our tong sampah. Raba-raba for my spec afterwards, I saw the same old couple I mentioned rummaging through our rubbish to see if anything can be brought to be sold ( the usual ya know, tin, cardboard, old newspaper). They are interested in our rubbish because earlier that day husband was seized with a cleaning frenzy that only directed at the shoes cabinet (targeting my shoes!!) and we threw out all the no-longer-used shoes and the many, many shoe boxes. 

So I watched them as they carted off the plastic that contained the shoes and its boxes in their wheelbarrow. I felt a bit sad as I watched them. I had wondered beforehand if they have kids, because they always seems devoted to each other and it is just be nice to know such couple are blessed with good kids, and I wonder now if their kids know what their parents are doing at 3 a.m. and feels okay with themselves. If these supposed kids exist. If not, well, I feel a little bit sadder. 

p/s: Kurap kembali ke rumah esok pagi dengan gembiranye after I found her frolicking at a neighbor house that is under renovation. Balik-balik je terus baring tunjuk perut asking for a rub and pat session. Instead she got a bath which she was not pleased.


Serr said...

Just realised that you're pregnant (from the previous posts). Big congrats! and take care

Dils said...

Thanks Serr!~

Iz Yahya said...

Hahahaha tu lah merayau lagi. Balik rumah kan dah kena mandi. Haha

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