Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kitteh Update

(Lets take a break from all the trip update)

I kinda haz a sad when I wrote the title above. The last time I wrote a kitteh update is informing y'all that Fasha is sick and maybe she's getting better. Down sebentar. 

I kinda miss her and Puteh too. Whenever I saw Puteh photos, him and his big ass anime eyes, I am so so sad. I feels like I failed them. 

Anyway, as most of you knows, I picked up a stray on the very day I landed back in Malaysia. I just can't help myself. He was so tiny. Also tubby. 

Now he is still tubby but I think other parts of him are filling up nicely too. 

Still a bit buncit but not as ketara as before. But next week, I am going to the vet for Kurap booster shots, so I'll bring him along just to make sure.

It is hard to take a decent pic of a kitten as they're so restless. The nicer one are in my proper camera, so I am only uploading the phone pic up here. 

He is a fierce little thing ( complete opposite of Puteh ) and will actually try to fight back if Kurap try to pelangkung him. 

Perhaps this is why he and Kurap are in the process of getting along. The other night I noticed them main-main kejar-kejar together. So cute. Maybe Kurap is just lonely because her playmate is no longer here, so kucing kecik pon jadik la kut for her. 

I was thinking of giving Bobby away, but seeing him and Kurap getting along (and Kurap have a hard time adjusting to new cat in home) macam malas pulak. Haha. Biasa lah, cakap je nak bagi, tapi malas. Malas to go through the process of rehoming, deciding if the new owner can take care of a cat and all that. 

Anyway, Kurap herself had not been well. Pergi melilau tah mana-mana tah one weekend and balik dirty, with tick hanging down her mouth and an infected anal gland. 


How do I know her anal gland infected? Well, I don't know cats have one, but I noticed her butt looks peculiar and taking no chances brought her to the vet and the vet tells me all about it. It seems that hers was infected and it burst. Yucks. 

Position of anal sacs/glands of cats -
pic taken from:  
So if its normal, you should not be able to see it usually. If its infected, it will be kinda liquidy, or in case of Kurap, kinda like a small hole. Again .... EUWWW. Tak dapat la aku nak tengok mende tu lama-lama which is why I take her to vet ASAP.

So the vet stitched her up and kena la pakai kon lagi.

My cat conquers 2 bantal for her to sleep on. 

Kurap is not pleased about her kon. Nor I because that means she can't groom herself as usual. Gahh. Berkejar2 la selalu nak lap2 die and kon die. Mencik.

So after about a week and a half which comes to today! Her stitches come off and so does the cone! Awesome. In the mean time, bontot masih togel sebab bulu kena cukur untuk kasik stitched.

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