Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I owe 1 last post

The food in Rome! 

I think by this time I gotten lazy, so the quality of the pics is not so nice. 

During the first day, we headed to the halal Indian diner of sorts where I ordered the kari daging and husband ordered the roast chicken I think. 

It was sedap tapi bapak banyakkk. Dah memang sesorang dasar ketamakkan, so order taknak share, amik ko. The daging that I gotten, is wayyy more than a family would eat. Apatah lagi untuk sorang makan. Gile. Tapi lebih separuh jugak habis. Probably I left about 3 or 4 daging on the plate. I can just feel my aorta getting thicker while eating it. 

Another place we went to eat was at this obscure cafe somewhere I can never find again. It was cheap, which is why we chosen it. It kinda shows in the food why it is cheap as the food is just bordering on OK. (5EUR for a plate of spaghetti, where a lot of places we looked around is 11EUR). The left one is the seafood spaghetti of sorts which I ordered. The right is the penne with salmon juice. We changed the food after we tasted it as he found he liked my spaghetti and I liked the penne. Though I picked off the pink squid off his plate as I love sotong and husband don't like them at all. 

Most of the time, we lived off the halal pizza place that is near to our hotel. 

It was quite nice, but most of the halal place that we found seems to be serving deep dish pizza. Which is kenyang in a way, tapi I want thin crust!

We put a lot of chilli flakes on our pizza sebab tekak Melayu mesti nak pedas. Best wooo letak chilli flakes bebanyak, it makes you can't stop eating the pizza.

And on one of those days, I decided to try a calzone, which is nice during the first half. The second half I dah muak because the filling is cheese and spinach, so it gets really muak when it is cold. I wish I had brought chilli sauce then to dip the calzone in. 

At one time masa busy siar2 and we can't be bothered for lunch, we just shared a donut. 

And was it good? Well it was a donut. So that's all can be said about it.

We dropped by at another halal diner for some kebab, and I make some pretty piss poor decision in ordering this spaghetti. Which incredibly sucks. I think I can cook better spaghetti than this. I kept on picking off husband kebab to be eaten with the spaghetti, because otherwise I can't just stomach it. 

Which is why during the last night in Rome I decided to splurge a little on dinner. 

The pizza was magnificent, my husband like his pasta with mushrooms bit, but I infinitely prefer my margherita (cheese and tomato sauce) pizza. If this pizza is good, I can't imagine how good it must be in Naples. Nyum2. 

And we ended the meal with capuccino and dessert. That is creme caramel at the top. Husband mocked me that I can just buy it at pasar malam. Tak sama hokey.

I can't remember eating those, must be husband one. 

So that's that. A very quick post on things we ate in Rome. Not a lot, but options are limited and we are not so kaya to eat a lot. 


taqiyuddin bakir said...

Good bye rome! good bye europe! See you soon!

M@Ri@M said...

dila...lapo nngk entry ni!!!

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