Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is one of my most favorite TV first kiss ever. Felicity and Ben both looks dazed. It was awesome. I remembered squealing. Heck, years later watching this, I still feel a bit dizzy watching it. So. Much. Chemistry. (btw, both of them dated for a while during the series run)

Currently am watching Felicity which sent me into vapours at time due to the hotness that was Scott Speedman. I mean he is hot, cute and endearing. 

I remembered loving the series way back when I was in school. The first pic above is their first kiss. And the last one is where Ben is waiting for Felicity to make a decision on who she would choose. I remembered groaning when the episode end then and going wild trying to think out who she chose. I remembered rooting for Noel then, because I always have a soft spot for dorks, but was also slightly conflicted because I always think Noel have kinda greasy hair. While Ben, is perfection. I mean really. Look at him. Ugh.

I think this is the only series that really deals with college ( I didn't watch Hellcats) . Again, I kept on asking, why not more series deal with college? It is an interesting time, all those freedom going through a young person head, the expectations being put upon, friends set for life. So much drama to be tapped into.

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