Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 27 - The most surprising plot twist or ending

 I somewhat pride myself in always knowing how the plot story or ending beforehand. And no, most of the time, I did not peek at the end to see how it turned out. My husband think watching a movie with me is annoying because I always know who the villain is by the middle of the story. Heck in Watchmen, I even know who killed the Comedian right from the start (and I never wiki nor read the graphic novel beforehand). 

So I am rarely surprise by an ending nowadays because I can see how the story going to pan out, either A or B, but that does not deter me from enjoying it though. 

But one book did surprised me, and even after sometime, when  think about the book I kinda smiled and thought to myself, I never did see that coming. 

That book is Instance of the  Fingerpost. 

I am not gonna say more about the story because I had thoroughly reviewed the book. So if you are ever so interested, you can read it here.

But it leave me in no doubt that this book deservedly get the most surprising plot twist or ending.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

how did you know who killed commedian?

Dils said...

Watching The Comedian being attacked. Can only be by someone who have incredible speed. So which character who have super speed, is the one who did it.

Asrol cakap I am being ridiculous when I mentioned it because I am applying the law of physic in the Watchmen world. LOL.

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