Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I am amazed at

1. People who move their mouse by picking it up and putting it down repeatedly. I tried it. It doesn't work for me?

2. People who still like the new NKOTB (new as in this year release) songs. Giler annoying and its a pile of turd masquerading as music.

3. Fasha my cat yang maseh suke tido at my feet even though there is a big space on the bed next to me if my husband outstation.

4. Women who wear tudung yang berbelit-belit without using ANY pins and tudung mereka an lawa dan kemas walaupon di tengah ribut, angin bertiup sakan-sakan bahasa. Guna inner energy ke ape? Kalo aku, by 1 jam berlalu mula la serot berot, that one end dah pegi ke mana. Hish. Berpin-pin aku guna. Nampak sangat memang selekeh by nature. Wargh!

5. Those yang tak makan banyak, but still mahu nak pergi buffet Ramadhan di sana sini.

6. myself yang setelah sekian lama, berjaya habiskan Tale of 2 Cities by Dickens. Seriously... susah to pick up. I enjoyed David Copperfield and Oliver Twist immensely, but this story is just a bit blah to me though quite heartrending.

Sekian, ini sahaja yang saya boleh pikirkan untuk hasil coretan. Tah hape-hape.


cleo weiland said...

Effi picks up his mouse and puts it down to scroll all the time. Very bising and quite annoying. Maybe his hands are too big for the small space he has for his mouse. Yes that tiny space not covered by random keys to doors he's never opened and empty bottles of Coke.

The tudung thing I'm still learning. No idea how to do it sans pins but I do know how to keep the front top part neat all day long. The secret: double starch. So now I can wear soft chiffon-y tudungs and have perfect arcs! Yeay!

Congrats on finishing the book btw :)

Obefiend said...

do i dear?

yes i admit. reason being the plastic shoes at the bottom of my mouse dah haus. so cannot move so smoothly these day.

as for the NKOTB....well better them than jonas bros!


Dils said...

Heh. Double starch? I don't think so I can do it. If it were left entirely up in my hands to starch my tudung, it would be ruins.

Buy new mouse. The thing is like RM10 per piece. Hehe.

Jonas Brothers. Can't say I ever heard of it or recognized any of their songs. Or it can be one of the songs that I kinda like when it aired on the radio but I don't know who sang it until it is too late.

frH said...

hahaha. aku pn sama. tu pasal aku sedar dirik, xyah nak berangan pakai tudung belit-belit. haha.
aku ingat diorang ada pelihara jin .. jin tudung.

yaa btol. org yg xmkn byk sepatutnye sedar buffet is not their middle name. patutnye diorang sedekah buffet tu pada org2 miskin.. lg afdal.

Dils said...

Hahaha. Jin tudung!

Aku tetap gatal jugak la nak test test tudung lilit ni.

Yang buffet ni pon. Lebih2 tu. Kasik orang yang bayar tu bawak balik pon takpe sket. Hahaha.

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