Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Note 2 sudah kong

My phone tetiba just refused to start. That is annoying. Husband had been asking me for the longest time if I want a new phone, I said kalau asyik tanye je, die je la beli sendiri for his own. Last2, he tertinggal his phone in a taxi, dan phone tu lesap and he bought a Z3. 

Then tak sampai sebulan my phone lak buat hal. I don't particularly love my Note 2, but I do think it is a good phone. It had served me well and I had a lot of memories with that phone. With the dropbox and all other cloud solutions, I am not too stressed out thinking of all the photos. Especially photos of my dead cat. But changing to another phone is something I am not ready to do yet, but seems like I must. I guess the life span of a phone nowadays is 2 years kut. Note 2 dah la mahal, I was trying to extend it to 3 years kut. Ah well. 

So what is there in the market. I am not too attached to Samsung. And I am an Android fan. So other than that I will not consider. I am now using my husband backup Nokia Lumia. It is a pretty good phone, but can be a bit frustrating at times. 

Had now prebooked the Honor 6 sebab the price and specs is just irresistible lah. The design is nothing to scream about, but I can just buy a casing. Going on and on about phone. First world problem betul. This is not the best time to buy a phone taw. Hoping my Note 2 will miraculously boot up again by the end of the week. 

It is really a headache trying to choose a phone because phone ni macam long time commitment taw. After all nowadays we are glued to that darn thing almost at all hours of all days. Weekend ni shopping!

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