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Day 2 in Tokyo and Day 3 in Hakone

Not feeling the best lately so I been putting off updating. Tapi sebab nanti rugi tak update. I suke baca balik my previous travelling posts . Sebab sometimes you forget how amazing some things are, bile baca balik you can remember back all the small details, the sight, the sound the smell. ( Kepingin nye aku nak pergi Istanbul lagi).

So moving forth, I will be combining Day 2 and Day 3 sebab aku tak larat nak buat each one day, malas woi.

The next day we woke up late sebab penat la. We took our time to get to Meiji Jingae.

Meiji Jingae is one of Tokyo most famous temple. A very beatiful temple. Very serenelike. We go to Harajuku Station and from there just walk to the temple. The walk is not really stroller friendly so kasik peluang Aziz boy berjalan sama.

This is taken with my not so powderful camera phone tapi even then the scenery is beautiful.

Nampak cam jalan berturap, but actually pebbles tu. We are in front of one of the shrine gate. Still lama lagi nak sampai.It should have taken us maybe around 20 to 30 mins to walk from this gate to get to the temple. Kalau bawak toddler sekali... ko panjang kan la estimate tu . He run, he walked, he walked in circled, run backwards, even rolled around on the gravel to the amusement of many! It took us almost an hour to get to the temple. Mommy very the penat.

At last we reached the temple. But before that, we rinsed our hands as per ritual ... though I only wanted to rinse Aziz hands sebab tangan kotor amat die duk kutip2 batu dari tanah.

So many people and the water is cold but kinda refreshing.

Aziz obviously wanted to rewash his hand again tapi dah tak kose dah. Sekali cukup.

Spent some time reading the prayers people wrote , those who wrote in English la kan. Most prayed for happiness and health.

I forgot to include the pic of the interior of the shrine, oh well. We wandered around for a short time and headed back.

We wandered in one of the garden, which is to me, biasa je but with a pretty lake at edge of the garden where big fishes are. To Aziz delight.

And hang around a hut where there is a big raven pecking stuffs out of the roof and I was freaking out but Aziz was really curious. The raven there is huge.
Sibuk nak try tanggalkan salah satu kayu situ.

We got ice cream at the nearby museum. I malas masuk museum sebab I nak makan ice cream kat luar.

Aziz got an ice cream too.

We then walked up and down Omotesando Hills, Aziz is asleep at this point. Penat jalan keliling temple dan garden. Lama gile die tido dalam stroller , almost 2 hours lebih. We got into Oriental Bazaar and Kiddyland je. Sempat la aku beli pearl bracelet berharga RM500. Aku memula convert ingatkan dalam puluh2 RM je, sekali keluar kedai bagitaw laki, laki kate it is close to RM500. GASP! ALWAYS. BRING. CALCULATOR.

Oh and Lotteria for lunch.

Prawn burger for the win. Sodap k.
Memula ingatkan nak pergi Ginza, tapi malas. I don't really care to gawk at high end brand shops. We stopped at Yoyogi park sat because I was hoping maybe there is some sakura trees that is still persistently blooming. Saw half a tree. So disappointed. But it at least give us some time to relax and give Aziz some food though the only thing he wants to eat are power bar!

Also behind us there was a group of Japanese teens ... which are either in drama club or reenacting scenes from their favorite manga/anime. It is hilarious and I am much too shy to take a pic of them. I would suggest for you to go to Yoyogi Park for people watching. It is truly an experience. 

Afterwards decided to go to Harajuku pulak. Pon tak beli ape2.

The crowded Takeshita Dori. The shops was ok. Nothing that really made me want to enter. Though the shops are multicolored enough.

We then headed to Shibuya for me to see the infamous Shibuya crossing in movement and of course Hachiko statue. Memula I amik gamba sensorang, tapi Aziz sibuk nak jugak gamba dengan Hachiko.

He obvs is doing it right because supposedly rubbing Hachiko legs should make you lucky in love. Though I heard it is for girls. Tak kesah la Aziz.

At the Shibuya intersection. I am heading to the L'Occitane for creme brulee and tea.

Besarr kan. I think it is more apt to be shared. Tapi kami tamakk.

Since it came in sets of tea, so I got my pot of tea and so does my husband. I chose rose tea and it is delightful that they also provide a big jar of honey. Aziz enjoys the honey more than other.

Because I don't own any moisturizer, I have to hunt one in Tokyo and setelah going in numerous shops I found one that I reasonably understand because it says the range is for sensitive skin.. which is me. And I kinda love it. It is Face lotion moist, where it is not actually cream but more water based moisturizer which is great for my skin since I can't stand the cream type. Too heavy for my skin which can breakout easily if there is excess oil. Holding off wearing it while I am in Malaysia since I am waiting for my acnes to clear, then I will be testing it again if it truly suit my skin while I am here. 

(Sempat review skincare lagi) 

Kite sambung Day 3 pulakkk. 

On Day 3 is my least favorite day, maybe because I took a tour. I don't really like tour and I guess this is one of it. 

We took the tour to go to the base of Mt Fuji and Hakone. 

I don't have any pics of the base of Mt Fuji and I didnt even go down the bus since Aziz was asleep on my lap at the time. It was cloudy, and foggy and not a thing to be seen. Ah well. At least some of the Asians who I believe live in a snowless country did have fun taking pic with the patches of snow left here and there. 

We stopped for lunch at Hakone where we didn't take the lunch that came with the tour since I doubted we can eat some of it, so we bought some soba noodle soup, fried rice with anchovies and tempura and orange juice. Ok la tu. I quite like that fried rice.

Then up to the mountain we go!
Aziz had a lot of fun looking around the cable car. He was very well and truly amazed at the sight. This is also one of the place that we can see Mt Fuji clearly and beautifully. Photos don't do it justice so I am not putting it here.

We took the Hakone Sky Gondola, which is the cable car up to the mountain where Owakudani Boiling Valley where you can opt to boil some eggs in hot spring water. I didn't go up to the hot spring as my husband said since I am asthmatic better not tempt fate. Okeehh..

Sejuk gileeee. Angin pulak sakan bertiup, if you are wearing scarf and dont tied it around you it will be blown  down below.  I am half afraid the wind will buat Aziz2 tergolek2 jugak.

So jalan2 area mountain tu je tangkap gambar sambil makan ubi kayu bakar. Sodap di makan at freezing temperature.

Then we go down the mountain for the Lake Ashi cruise. This is the best part of the tour I think since the view is magnificent.

The cruise ship

We sat indoor awal2.

We went up the deck afterwards and stay most of the time upstairs. It was beautiful and a bit cold, but still ok la.  Then home we went. This time we took the bullet train back. Nak rase la katakan.

We got down at Tokyo Station and head to a vegetarian ramen shop I had googled up.

My ramen. I don't really like it.

Aziz likes it more than me as you can see.

That's my husband punye. He said it is quite nice. I nyesal tak order ni gak.

And that's that. Pastu balik pengsan.

Eh tak. We tried to look for Tokyo Tower, tapi sesat. Aku dah emo, Aziz pon dah tido dalam stroller. Dah jalan-jalan tak jumpa pon rupa towernye. Dah balikkk. Tido. Besok tu nak gi tengok Doraemon pulak. Jalan jauh jugak.


eida m said...

Hello dear - boleh tak share the address and name for the vegetarianramen shop tu.. Am going to tokyo in a few months.

dils said...

Hi aurin, the name is T's Tantan and it is in Tokyo Station at Keiyo line. You can go to this blog post since they have picture of the entrance and the direction on how to go there:

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