Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girls weekend

My school friends from JB decided to have a girl weekend. Walaupon most of us are JB girls born and bred, but most of us are now staying/working in KL. Except for 2 , one in Terengganu and the other at JB. 

Since mereka yang jauh decided on the date, I decided on the hotel. We stayed at the Royale Bintang since it is easy access to semua tempat. Yeps. All of us ( who have kids) left our kid(s) with the husband at home. Kemain laki2 ni semua pesan bini masing2 to jaga perangai. Amboi.. macam kite orang ni dulu party girls je.

Had lunch at Tony Romas, sit around and talk, bowl, sit around and talk and even gift exchange ( sebab we are still high schoolers at heart) then keluar makan and talk and jalan ke Jalan TAR tatkala Jalan TAR nak tutup dah, then go back and talk. 

It was funny because we kept on asking so what is the gossip.. and it turned out there is no gossip. Some mild things of who marrying whom but no jaws were dropped last weekend. I think since we are older and most are just concentrating on work and kids, there is nothing really to talk or think  of other people. We are officially adult. Mostly we talked about work and kids and talk about the old time and old feuds ( biasalah jiwa muda zaman remaja, kawan putus kawan , kawan balik). 

Tuka-tuka hadiah. Kelakar.

Only one can't stay overnight but she is around for most of the goss.

It was really good to just hang out and just knows that something never change. Years later you can still anticipate exactly on what and how they talk about stuffs. So weird. 

Bawak Aziz to jumpa the aunties. Auntie Nai tak pernah jumpa lagi. Tengok banyak orang die tak kenal, terus shy.  Husband came early to pick me up so I have lunch with my familia instead and left the remaining girls to their next activity.


frH said...

ohoooiiiii kawan putus kawan balik hahahaha.
aku tak sempat langsung nak belog psl ni .. huwaaaaa.
but it was really fun!!

dils said...

Hahahaha.. betul la tu. Dah berkawan lamaa.. mestila ade drama cikitt.

Pasnih kalau dapat jumpa semua sekali pon sudah cukup!

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