Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bloody night and missing cat

Last weekend did not start out great. In the middle of Thursday night, I was downstairs with husband rearranging stuffs in the kitchen, heard a bump upstairs. Know immediately my son sudah jatuh katil. Run upstairs and was aghast to find him with blood pouring down from his mouth. Panik, I tell you. Panik. Manage to see that he cut his lip only falling, but the all the blood just made it all look so ghastly.  

He didn't want to put any pressure or ice to his mouth. Sakit kut and he is a baby so of course he wouldn't know that it is suppose to make him better. All he wants is being hugged and while being hugged used my shirt to wipe his blood. Good enough la. It was ok tomorrow. Horrible blown up lips but he was only fussy during the morning and normal afterwards. Kids are resilient. If it were adult, we will moan and bitch about it for daysss. Till today, there is a little bruise, but it is healing nicely.

I really should have put some tilam on the other side of the katil, or at the very least some very plush carpet kan. Put idea forward to husband. 

Aziz suke nyakat Kurap.

Then for the other drama at the weekend. I let my cats out during the weekend. They are happy , I am happy. Most of the time they just roam about my tiny yard and sometimes if feeling adventurous, go 2 or 3 houses down. Kurap is more adventurous since she came from a strays from around here I think, so she always went further and I rarely worried. Die suke duduk feeling strays belakang rumah. So when she didn't came back that evening, I was not too worried. When night came, I was a bit worried and keep on calling and looking around but she didn't jaunt her way back as her usual way. By morning I was feeling VERY worried. 

Aziz and I went for a walk that Sunday evening and keep on calling Kurap name. A very long walk around the housing area. Jalan depan, belakang , tepi, lorong. We came back empty handed.

By Monday I was crying. Kurap is my cat. She had been there for me from way back. We adopted her when I was recovering from my miscarriage, and she was there for most of my lonely days and my pregnancy sickness days and my grief over Fasha death days. So yes. She is a huge part of my life. We tried to tips on how to recover lost pet, and Monday is day 3, I was just about to create a poster and tried to search in SPCA. 

Tips: If you are in Ampang, your pets get taken away from the local council, check the SPCA since sometimes it will take them there. If not, just try to contact your local councils where they put your pets and do this soon because usually they will be PTS around 3 days to a week.

Lepas balik kerja tu, since my son is at my sister for a while, I decided to go and look again at the lorong belakang my house. Called Kurap name and various cats answered. Then I kept on hearing a persistent mews from a kitten. Go to the source and saw the kitten that I almost squashed with my car in the middle of the road 3 or 4 days before, mewing at me. Went to it and was surprised that I heard Kurap distinctive meow very loudly. 

Looked around and then I saw her inside a house and she was mewing at me from the window at the side of the house. ! Subhanallah, there is a reason why I manage to save this kitten, she is the reason I found Kurap, but by then the kitty had scampered off somewhere. May you stay safe kitty.

Anyway, rang the doorbell and tried giving salam... but it seems that no one is home in the house. Lights are on, but all seems locked. Saw that the bathroom window is wide agape, so I immediately knows that Kurap got herself in and can't get herself out. 2 of the side window is opens slightly, so I have to push it further and get Kurap out ( at the stare of a young boy who I think, must be thinking that a robbery is in progress ). Then I have to try to get the tiny window shut again, but that was really hard, but I think I manage. 

So yeps. Kurap had an adventure. She was also very pissy when she got home and very hungry too. Kena tenteramkan her for a while. I think being shut out was a bit traumatic to her. Found her not very far from my house and I think I had walked past by that window calling her name twice before. Maybe she was sleeping at the time or couldn't hear.  I guess it is right when people says don't give up when searching for a pet. Kena grounded ke? Besok tu sibuk nak keluar but she just stays at the yard and then slept the whole afternoon off.

Looking every bit like the diva she is

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