Monday, April 29, 2013

Update before election ( tapi tak cite pasal election )

Husband is back at Turkmenistan. Honestly with a cranky baby, unpredictable work environment, I am seriously considering going with him there. He transferred to the capital of Turkmenistan which is much more better than the camp he is living in now, tapi much better for him la, for me? Dan boleh ke bawak Kuwap? 

Ajis cakap undilah saya untuk parti segitiga untuk kebahagian bersama. 
I cut his hair. More like ask husband to bring him to barber to shave his head. Not fully botak la, but I wanted to curb his bad habit of pulling his hair bile die tension. Kecik2 dah ade bad habit. Babap die. Ni sekarang if he wants to pull his hair, he will feel it and then garu2 je scalp die. Haha. Kesian. I miss his curls la. Ni nampak notti. 

Ajis baby had a mild case of croup recently which made him a crankier than usual. Kesian semalam kena marah dengan mommy. Sebab mommy pon sama sakit, but he is a sweet baby cuma extra clingy bile kat rumah. I told him many times, nanti dah masuk sekolah menengah I will remind him of how he will hollers if I move away more than 10 cm from him. I think I also need to remind myself that once he grows up he will no longer need me as now, tapi penat la mommyyy. 

Ni nak kena adjust balik my day to day after dah comfortable husband tolong me around the house. Fuhh. Oh and I got my period back. And yeps, susu dropped. Sigh. Dah la stok memang merundum pon sejak 2 menjak ni, but most probably because the coming of my period kut, so I guess memang quite soon gak la Ajis will be given formula. But I will try to pump more at least until he have gotten over his croup and cough. But hey, 9 months ( he will be 9 by the end of this week), is quite an achievement ( cuba kalau buat statement macam ni kat forum or group breastfeeding mother, maw kena sedas ). So yeah, I am fine with that. 

As for the catss. 

Ajis trying to get a handful of Kurap fur. 
I am trying to persuade Kurap if she is in the room to sleep on the floor. Tapi dah biasa tidur atas katil kan, die emo laaa kena letak bawah. Haish. With Ajis cough malas pulak nak take risk for it to worsen, also Ajis now have become more naughty and always try to take a handful of the cat fur. Tak pernah kena cakar lagi kan. Actually ade je, tapi kid being kid unless it really hurts kut they will stop. Gollywolly will move away, Bobby are not interested in being near him but Kurap who is biasa to be near me, now tension je bulu kena tarik dek budak botak ni. Kalau beli pet bed letak kat bilik Kurap maw ke? 

Oh and the neighbour cat is macam our cat je. Most of the time he is here. Of the cat is a HE. Only now I can see his balls. Huh. No wonder Bobby don't like it. 

Eh, husband dubbed him Orangina. Well at first ingatkan female cat. Lantak ko la Gina, terima je la nama tu. We took him for vaccine sebab he always dart in the house and eats the cat food and sometimes use their litterbox. But for now he is living in front of the house and sleeping on my rak kasut. We had been adopted by him even though jiran aku kutip die. There is no other way about it. Ah well, at least it is easier to take him to the vet to be spayed bile die besa nanti. He is still thin but I think it is normal. He thinks Ajis boy is a cat because he always pounce on Ajis when Ajis is crawling around. And he is best friend with Gollywolly. The other cats tolerate him bile they mood strikes. 

The thing is because we are feeding him in front of the house and just leave the food there, the other strays are starting to come. And kalau datang je takpe, ni leave their marks. Haih la weh, tak baik susahkan orang bagi makan ok kekucing. Haha. Ah well. Bile got time and pics, I will show the pics of the other guests that came from time to time. Tapi tak sampai hati la kan nak buang or halau. They wanna eat pon, bukan buat ape. ( except sometimes sprayed around the front yard) I am seriously considering chucking my rak kasut or make it really high). 

Oh and re the upcoming election. I am seriously disgusted by the tactics of some party to garner votes, but considering what I had been reading and watching on election in other countries, I guess politics is a dirty game. Tapi macam orang tadek agama pulak ye if you can show video lucah at political rally without any shame. How this people live with their self I don't know. And I can't wait for it to be over too because the abundance of political sharing related video and articles is really boring. I want my FB timeline back to its Shaklee, babies, TV3s drama live update statuses ok.


frH said...

hahahhaha .. u have done great job for first timer ok .. aku first timer dulu awal2 dah campo .. so chill!! n jgn post kat group fanatic mcm tu hokayyy haha

dils said...

hahahah.. tak berani aku nak post statement begitew. Group2 camtuh best for tips la.

Iz Yahya said...

Aku tiap kali bagi makan strays kat rumah, mesti pesan jangan bergaduh dengan kucing kakak, jangan kencing dan berak merata. So far semua mendengar kata lah, hehehe

dils said...

aku lupa nak cakap awal2 kut. Ni duk berak cair tak abis kat laman aku. Poning den. Nak bawak masuk, tapi tak sure larat nak take care weh. Saje jeee Orangina ni

Cik Kiah said...

U beli je 'Get Off' cat and dog repellent from the petshop and spray. Katanya organic so not harmful to the kitties. That stops them from p & p merata. It worked for maid was really threatening to leave after hari2 kena bersihkan 3, 4 tongkol celah2 pasu.

dils said...

Thanks Cik Kiah. Nanti nak try. Agak tension la kalau asyik die tinggal hadiah je.

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