Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All those that lead up to the little one - II

LONG ENTRY! ( Habiskan terus la at one go )

Ok. Mari sambung... si kecik ni ekk ekk skit sambil tido, maknanye adalah half an hour lagi. LOL. 

Back to 2nd of Augsut. 
Bile dah konfirm kena admitted, baru la call boss cakap I maw deliver so maternity leave start today. Tension. Kalau tahu tak kerja dari pagi. Aku dah yakin dan konfiden, yang doctor will just wave us home, sekali kena admitted. 

So we got into our room and I asked my husband to leave and do whatever he needed to do at home and come back again at night. So gua rilek-rilek, at 6 pm my gynae came to check on me, and I asked if I really needed to be induced. She mentioned that my labour is actually starting and it is best to deliver this baby early.  Gua berserah je la pastuh. And instead of 11 pm, she decided to start giving me the tablet to induce at 6pm because she thinks I might have a long way to go. Greaattt. 

I already read up on what to expect when inducing (actually I missed out on people saying induce labour is way more painful than natural one. Which I think was better that I missed reading / blanking that out sebab mesti aku lagi trauma ) so was cringing when she inserted the tablet inside me, via vagina. I can only imagine any guys who is reading this is cringing too. Perempuan aku tahu rilek sudah. It took 2 tries ok. Aku rase nak berair mata aku. 

Then the waiting game begins~! Waiting for the labor to begin. 

Up to 11 pm - Nothing much happened. I ate. Read Cleo's ( I think I may have outgrown Cleo's. There used to be like at least a quarter of articles, now, if ade pon, is like a fluff piece. Pieces that is not well thought out nor researched after. At least I got a free shampoo out of my Cleo) . Husband came back with my clothes and toilettries dan baru la boleh aku mandi. 

3rd August 

12 am - Husband dah start kroih, kroih. I was too high strung to sleep. So I played Bejeweled on my phone. I noticed every 20 mins, there is a slight cramping. Mentioned it to the nurse the nurse says lama lagi. Sigh. 

2 am- Still 20 mins, but the cramping is getting painful. I slightly winced. I now can't sleep because it is uncomfortable. I try to doze but keep waking up everytime the contractions start. 

3 am - 15 mins tapi dah sakit amat. I consider throwing things to my snoring husband, tapi opt to call the nurse since they mentioned earlier they can give something for the pain.. I mentioned to the nurse, she gave me a CTG, and after determining that the contraction is strong, gave me an injection. I kinda doze on and off, still in pain. Tapi at least mengantuk. The nurse checked, aku baru 1.5 cm dillated ok !!! Rase dah nak nangis je bile dengar.

6 am - Aku rase aku dah 5 mins apart in pain. Tadek rase nak tidur dahh. Kept on heading to the toilet untuk berak and muntah. 

7 am - They asked me if I nak mandi , but I can barely stands up, because the contraction is coming every 5 mins in huge powerful waves. They want to wheel me in to labour room, but they checked first and I was 3cm dillated which is good enough to be wheeled in. Before that they inject ubat berak tu inside my rectum kut, which I think I went into the toilet too fast. Husband seriau at all these things that needs to be inserted in me. LOL. 

8 am - I asked for epidural and was informed of the risk and all, gua sign je. Gua dah tak tahan. I was holding my husband hand whimpering "sakittt" , husband was alarmed saying not 5 mins apart, but 3 mins apart ni setiap kali I doubled up in pain. 

So epidural was administered, and while the effect of epidural, I can feel even now, tapiii I don't regret it. I think I might have passed out if not. Gile tak kental aku ni. But as the doctor and nurses try to guide me, I became macam erratic, I remembered the nurse saying " She is in too much to pain to understand the instruction." So she gives me short word instructon. IV drip pon was administered now, so I will not dehydrate... and for the life of me now, I can't remember if tiub kencing tu was inserted at this time or after labour. I think it was at this time. 

9 am - Terus walla rase bagusssss. I can breathe easily and the nurse checked I am now 5.5 cm dillated, which gives me a light at the end of a tunnel. I mentioned, ahh so then by afternoon I will deliver, she just say perhaps. Hoh. 

9 am to 12pm - Can't remember much, strap to the CTG machine and baby heartbeat. I think during this time, husband balik rumah to freshen up and do stuffs seeing I am much more comfortable. I even slept for an hour or two. A much needed rest, from the no sleep I got last night. Also I think during this time kut my air ketuban dipecahkan. But because of the epidural, I feel nothing. Bile nurse tu seluk2 kat dalam keluarkan air yang tak keluar semua ponnn aku feel nothing. And yest the stick they used to pecahkan air ketuban tu is longgg, tapi gua dah tak heran dah time tu. 

12pm - 6 cm dillated. My gynae is worried as there is no progress, but as everything seems ok, baby is ok, she says we will wait more. 

1 pm - 3 pm - I think I got another shot of epidural ke ape tah. The epidural had wears off, I was in a lot of pain. Husband may have come back around this time. 

4.00 pm - Still 6 bloody cm dillated! It seems because my opening is not large enough, the cervix only open up to that size. They can feel the baby head, but still it refused to budge. (Aku rase aku agak famous 2 hari kat Ward tu as the woman who was stuck at 6 cm for hourssss ) . 

4.30pm - They decided that cesarean was the best option, as while baby rilek je dalam perut, heartbeat normal, boleh lagi die main2 tendang mummy die, my contractions was getting highly irregular. Kejab 5 mins, kejab 10 mins, kejab 2 3 mins. So the doctor is worried and emergency c-section is being placed at 5pm. Husband asked if that was ok with me, I said I don't care as long as the baby get out. Epidural dah administered tah berapa kali pon dah tak jalan kat aku dah ni. 

5pm - I asked if husband could be there, but they said since it is an emergency cesar, so no. I got into the operating theatre. I think they administered epi again, am not really sure, but the anaes, pinched me at my leg and waist and asked if I feel any pain, I said no. So the doctors proceed to cut me open, then I suddenly feel pain. I remembered the anaes mentioning if I feel any pain just tell them. It took several seconds of more pain as they sliced me open, for me to open my mouth, I was wondering if its normal to feel the slicing pain as they cut me open, and OF COURSE LA TAK NORMAL WEHHH. So I said 'SAKIT!' . The doctor stop confusingly, and the anaes increased the dosage. They resume slicing, I still feel the pain and mentioned it. They got more confused and it seems that my right side of the body, is feeling the pain (they are slicing at the right side now, while my left side don't feel it... HOI BOLEH MACAM TU KEEE. ). Not sure if I have a low tolerance of pain or badan dah immune dengan epi, but I can't go on the cesar awake, so I have to be administered the local anaes that put me out almost immediately

6 pm ++ - Woke up of people clearing up stuffs and moving me out. I remembered hazily that I give birth and I heard no cries and wondered groggily if my baby is alive. Husband immediately came by and show pic of baby. He said nurse cakap I tidor. Ehhhhh... bukan tidur ok. I felt a bit sad that I was not among the first to see him, but was much too groggy to care except to ask my husband to call my mother to say that everything went well. 

Sooo... around Maghrib tu, they wheeled in my baby... Alhamdulillah. 

And ever since then, aku tak boleh berenggang dari si kenit tu, as pengeluar susu utama. 

Beberapa minit sebelom melahau nak susu


♥ Izzy ♥ said...

Omg.. seramnya aku baca. berdiri bulu roma aku wei. Tak tahu la kalau aku yg nak beranak one day. Mungkin suruh doktor pengsankan aku dan keluarkan baby. Takut mak!

Kak Aidah said...

Akak pulak yang terasa2 sakitnya tu sampai rasa nak fitams. Akak ni memang macam tu dik. Orang lain sakit akak pulak yang nak pengsan. Tak membantu langsung. Akak merasa jugak induced labour tu dan telah melahirkan Arif without any painkiller sebab kebetulan pethidine habis kat bilik labour akak tu. Merasalah dgn contractions yang dicipta oleh drugs tu selama beberapa jam yang sangaaaaaatlah sakit. Tak pe. Orang tua2 kata. lagi sakit lagi bersih diri kita dari dosa, insyaAllah.

Cik Kiah said...

You know it happened with me too that the epi only worked on one side of the body. The anaes tilted me to the other side n baru terasa kebas dua belah. Memula I ingat anaes tk pandai, but when it happened again during 2nd child delivery, rhopenya ada small percentage of ppl yg anatomy pelik cenggitu. The anaes told lenkali klau nak beranak lagi teruslah ke GA n not attempt spinal epi anymore bec it wouldn't work on me. Btw, disebabkn aku trauma sangat dgn adegan seluk2, induce, pecahkn ketuban wt my 1st baby, I opted for elective c-sect wt the 2nd one. Yeah, I'm just lembik!

FrH said...

mak oi siap muntah .. kesian kau ..

arghh meremang aku baca. lama btol kau sakit, pilu plak aku rasa :( siap stuck until 6cm .. bencikan kalau kene emergency, sooo unprepared :( kalau dah tau awal2 kan senang, xpayah sakit lama2 (speaking from the experience huhu).

arghhhhh kenapa 1 side sakit .. confuse .. SIL aku pon kene emergency caesar & feel the pain masa kene potong tu .. aduhh ngeri!

alhamdulillah semua selamat. kau makan laa gamat healin, insyaAllah cepat luka baik. nnt dah baik bleh la pakai bengkung barulah selim cpt ahaks ;)

hows your bf? hope smua ok. kalau nak bf lama / exclusive bf, have lt of reading on bf or boleh jek refer pada aku or mariam .. insyaAllah boleh tolong .. support breastfeeding! hihi.

baby hensem! eh nape kau xmentioned his name pon (walaupon dah tau hehe).

dils said...

Different orang, different pengalaman.

Ni malangnye ko baca pengalaman aku yang tak berapa best. Tapi bile pikir balik, aku rase ok je.. sakit , sakit gak, tapi macam last2 aku rase ok je. Hehe.

dils said...

Wahh.. boleh pulak pethidine tu habis?? Fuhh.. Pasal yang bersih dari dosa tu, banyak jugak dengar. Insya Allah

Tapi memang sakit la yek induced ni. Baca orang lain yang natural ni, bile dah 5 4 cm, baru rase sakit amat, tapi saya baru 1.5 cm dah sakit amat.

Kenkadang terpikir gak, mmg tak tahan sakit ke or memang camtuh.

dils said...

Epi yang work on one side tu.. ade ke dalam list of risk yang dalam paper kite kena sign tu. Tapi to be honest, I just sign it tak baca sbb tak tertahan sangat dah sakit. Quite gabra jugak la bile rase sakit tu, and I thought sebab dah banyak sangat epi kena bagi I sudah immune. Haha

Doctor pon mentioned awal2 after surgery kata lepas ni probably I can only opt for cesar.

Mengenangkan sakit berjam-jam akhirnye kena belah jugak, probably next time I'll try for elective caesar. Atau elak sesungguhnye dari kena induced.

dils said...

Itulahh doktor pon tak mention yg 1 side je rase sakit tu kat aku. Aku pon lupa nak bring it up. Gamat healin yek? Aku suruh husband aku carik. Tapi setakat ni ok je lagi, rase la gak ngilu jahit tu kalau nak jalan cecepat.

BF setakat ni ok lagi. Aku pon tak set target. Rasenye macam kena tambahkan susu, tapi tu masalah aku sendiri yang susah gile nak minum air. Huhu. Problem sebelom ni latching laaa, sakit aku. Tapi dah ok sikit bile adjust2 position, tapi tu la, beradjust2 position je la aku.

Hehe... hensem boy. Ohh.. aku malas nak announce nama die kat blog. Orang tanye aku beritahu. Hehe. Nanti2 kalau ade tertype kat blog, ade la tu.

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