Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All those that lead up to the little one - I

I want to write the title as My First Labour Experience, and was transported back to zaman sekolah rendah where the karangan will be My Holiday Experience or My First Day at School. Very the skema. 

Anyway... like many Malaysian mom bloggers ( I can't find any other nationalities who narrate the birth of their children with amazing details and sometimes even with pictures of them attached to the CTG. Thank God there is no vagina shot ... oh I if you head to stfuparents.tumblr.com you can find those ), I think I might as well, narrate how my little baby came to this world. 

I had my last appointment gynae on the 31st of July, and I was 38 weeks at the time. She did my first VE (I think it meant vaginal exam?). After the VE, she mentioned I  might have some problem in delivering naturally , seems like I have some narrow bones. Husband was laughing because I always mentioned that I have big butts so I never think that would be an issue. So orang dulu-dulu yang looks for wide hips and big buttocks = fertile and easy to deliver. You were wrongggg. 

She mentioned that I may need cesarean but we will try the natural way. Before this I was kinda cool and laidback about labour. I don't think much about it, I know I will take the drugs, but I figured I will bear the pain and do what every other woman would do. 

After hearing that, I was petrified. I was kinda like, heyyy.. I wouldn't mind staying pregnant forever. Because from what she described, trying out the natural way and if that fails, cut me open, I know I will be in a lot of pain. I also mentioned to husband on our way back that, MOST DEFINITELY I will take the drugs.  

That was on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday 1st of August. 
Noticed bloody show just before berbuka. Was perplexed, and told husband that I think after berbuka we need to go to the hospital. He asked me to get ready while he berbuka next door at my sister's house. I walked around a bit, eat a piece of kuih as the azan berkumandang, and though, ahh.. feck it. I will eat first and think about getting ready later. 

Later on the night, we decided to just go tomorrow since I don't feel any contractions or pain. 

On Thursday 2nd of August. 
The bloody show kinda continue. I was a bit confused because I thought it was just a one time thing, but decided to go to the hospital anyway during lunch hour. Sempat lagi aku WFH during the morning ok. No pain kan. 

So at the hospital, the midwives checked me and seems like I was 1cm dillated and I have very minor contractions. The midwife explained that it is common that after a first VE, some people will experience some bleeding. (If I knew that, I don't think so I had come to the hospital that early! ). So she was positive I will go home in an hour time. Hey, I thought I can go home. I was ready to resume work ok bile balik rumah. So aku tak inform pon boss I am actually at the hospital while duduk send email kerja. Gile dedicated. Tetiba pulak dedicated pasal kerja. Aku rase time tu aku in denial kut. 

Then after a while, the midwife came back and her face looks kinda shocked and confused and said that my gynae thinks it is better if I am admitted and be induced today since I am starting labour and my gynae was afraid that if my baby got bigger it will be a more difficult labor later on. Gah! I was like.. a bit dismayed.. this is sooooo off setting my holiday plan. Yeee... aku a bit upset pasal beranak early sebab aku dah plan cuti leklok. LOL. What can I say, I like to plan things ahead and will get ruffled / upset bila things don't go my way. 

So process mengadmittedkan aku dalam ward pon bermula and I was set to be induced at 11pm that night. 

Eh... sambung esok lak laa.. macam panjang. Dahlah asyik terberhenti je sebab si kecik nak nyusu. 


nai said...

ceh..beriya aku baca.skali ada sambungan plak..

kak aidah said...

Dik, akak nak tanya, how was your first ve? For me it was a traumatic experience. My obgyn tu simpan kuku panjang lps tu keruk2 tak sudah. Rasa nak pengsan kot. Dah lah masa tu akak mcm false alarm. Baby buat hal tidur satu hari, tak gerak2. Hehehe.
Esok2 smbung lagi ya.

FrH said...

alaaaa. sambung laa plak .. haha .. aku tertanya2 jugak kenapa caesar .. wahh muntut tidak cukup besar ke .. aku rasa elok jek (haha) .. maybe sbb baby besar? ehh cpt sambung!

anyways biasa la tu dila bila dah plan ada jek benda yg menghalang haha. mcm aku aritu harap2 deliver lps wan convo, last2 xsempat jugak ;)

dils said...

hahaha.. tak boleh lama duduk depan laptop dahhhh

dils said...

Haha.. horrornye akakk doktor tu simpan kuku panjang. Euwww. Walaupon pakai glove pon seriau bile pikir.

First VE saya tu, sakit gak la, tapi itu sebab saya yang macam tension so badan keras, tu yang sakit tu. Bile die suh rilek sikit baru ok, tu pon still sakitttt. Tapi tadekla trauma.

dils said...

haa kan. Macam ko dulu sebab anak yang first overdue, mesti ko expect at least dekat EDD kan. Tu lah, takleh nak predict. Mencik taw nak plan cuti. Haha.

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