Friday, February 17, 2012


My husband asked me if I wanted to go anywhere this weekend. By go he meant stay overnight anywhere nearby. On one hand I am tempted, on the other, I ain't feeling it because I am still in my feeling like I am gonna puke anywhere anytime stage. Rugi la breakfast buffet! Most of all, I ade separation anxiety laa dengan my cats. 

It is so hot nowadays that... I felt like sitting in a tub full of ice. Or maybe I am the only one who is feeling that way. 

For the first time in weeks I didn't wake up with a raging headache! I attribute it to my husband massaging my forehead before I go to sleep. Die balik Turkmenistan takkan nak suruh Kurap urut kut. 

I guess the above is full of complaints, but I guess I am nowadays as I am not feeling 100 percent nowadays. 

In the mean time it is TGIF which is always a plus. Taken Monday as leave just because. Ingatkan sudah sihat untuk merantau2 berjalan, tapi gi KLCC 3 jam pon rase derita. 

But I will still go to KLCC to pick up my paperback A Dance With Dragon. Agak suspicious that it comes mighty early, tapi kita tengok je dulu. Sekali nanti die bagi hardcover, sesia je pegi. Huh. 

Bobby is so naughty nowadays but I think he like it my husband is around so ade orang bagi attention sikit. Kurap macam biasa sentiasa emo when Bobby is around her. 

I am drawing a blank here. So gonna leave now (for ice cream). 

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