Monday, November 28, 2011

Venice - Bites

In our trip to Venice we decided to stay at a Bed and Breakast in S. Elena which is called B&B Venezia. It is one of the cheapest B&B during the high season. S. Elena is a not near to the main attractions, but it is walkable. It took us about 15 - 20 mins of brisk walk to get to the San Marco.

As for the breakfast, it was nice.

There's coffee, and every morning the tray include some snacks, that I usually saved for snacks during berjalan-jalan on that day.Apart from that, they served some bread and butter and jam and cold cuts and fresh food. Also cereal! There is also some fresh grapefruit juice which was insanely good.

When we arrived at Venice we were so full on airline food. So that we all we ate kebabs for late lunch. When we were walking wee noticed a halal kebab store and  it is a no brainer. That kebab was quite good.

Before that, we had the gelato It is cheaper in Venice than Rome. We can get 1.20EUR for single scoop rather then 3EUR in Rome.

My husband took the pistachio flavour and I can't remember what I took. Ahh.. now I remember. Coconut. It was nice enough.

For dinner we went to the bakery in the middle of Venice and buy some pastries for dinner.
We eated this!
The pastries was nice. The left sde ( fully wrapped ) is sacher, choc cake that my husband loves. It was nice. The other 2 is nice, especially that spiral bread with raisin.

And we washed down our food with this drink. I love it. And throughout our trip in Italy we usually bought this drink. 

On the second day, when we were looking for the Museum of Music, we found this middle eastern shop ( not exactly Arab, but can't remember what ). 

My husband had the chicken briyani, I think it is more like rice with chicken curry. It was quite good.

As for me I chose the mutton with yogurt. It is a lot of mutton. And yogurt. It was so and so. The mutton had been marinated nicely beforehand, tapi agak muak at the end, since mutton is so heady. 

Along the way while we are sightseeings, we kept on encountering pastries shop that have these sumptuous delights such as these: 

And we didn't try any of them T_T . I guess that is a lesson learnt. When you want something to eat, just go and eat it. However we were not really that ravenous when in Venice, which is why we kept putting things off. I kept on thinking how that chocolate meringue at the top would feel. This goes the same with the squid ink pasta. But I know of a place in KL that have that, so I am gonna try that out!

As for dinner, we found a Muslim shop, and I can't remembered, it is either operated by Jordanian or Egyptian ( because there is another pizza shop operated by a Muslim in Rome that we frequented and they looks kinda the same ). 

My pizza is the one yang paling meriah tu. It was quite nice really, a deep dish pizza. The shop that we went to had all this note from customers that had frequented this shop, exclaiming how good their pizza is and how grateful they are to find a halal food shop. Heh. 

Because of that, on the third day we went back to the same shop. I sedih, I nak squid ink pasta. 

This time I took the falafel. 

WHICH WAS AWESOME. I never tasted a falafel before, so I am not sure if this one is the nicest ever, or so-so, but I really like THIS falafel.

Husband took the pizza again :p

It was good enough, but I prefer my falafel :D

I could swear we had gelato in the second day, but I couldn't find any pic of them. I think the second day we had the Vanilla flavor one. It was really, really nice. Sometimes you forgot to take the simplest flavor because we are inundated with the more flashy one. But the vanilla gelato on that second day, was one of the nicest I ever had. 

The one pictured above is the pistachio one which vastly surpassed the taste of the one we had the first day. It was really good. And cheap.  Mine one that looks like vanilla is actually the lemon one. It was nice, a bit bitter but not as nice as the lemon and lime I had in Blue Pumpkin at Siem Reap. That ice cream wakes up the taste bud!

This our food at the end of our trip, I mentioned I want dessert and we chose cake, I guess I did get my dessert after all. My husband is the sacher (again :D ) .

Mine is the apple pie. Husband chose it for me, because well, he knows I always like a good apple pie. It was nice, not spectacular but I like it enough. 

At this particular time while we were eating, it was Halloween! So the children in the neighbourhood was trick and treating from door to door, and shop to shop! 2 children came into the shop. An elder brother ( around 7 or 8)  and in tow is his little brother which I think is 3. He was the cutest little thing with flaming red cheeks. That little boy came straight to the our table and began to speak gibberish. I wonder if he was asking for candies. 

Giving a big sigh on the things I didn't get to eat *sigh*

Anyway that is all for Venice in term of food.


mommy nazeef said...

amboiiiiiii...berjalan sakan!! syoknyer! sourvenier for me n bb xde ke?ehehe...

Dils said...

haha.. die limited edition. Kalau sempat jumpa and ade lagi nanti dapat la :p

Baby dapat hadiah lain la nanti. Heh

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