Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Random Update

I had just got back from my Euro Trip. I don't really like calling it Euro trip because it gives the impression that I had been to more than 3 countries. For this trip, I only goes to Turkey and Italy. Went to Istanbul first, then go to Venice and then go to Rome. When in Rome, manage a day trip to Naples and Pompeii. I will make a post as per usual about the trip, though I am not sure how to separate it. 

It is good to be back after all, and after a half day at work ( more like few hours as I got at the office almost 11 ), it does feels like I had never been anywhere at all. 

As for the cats, well it is back to CATS instead of cat. 

Fetch Kurap from the pet boarding right after we got home. Kesian ok. The owner said she is so noisy, because she is always calling people over so they would pet her. Before this the owner mentioned, when Kurap and Fasha was boarded there, they were quiet. I think Kurap just realized that Fasha is not around anymore. The first thing she got back home, she sniffed the house from top to bottom. Not sure if she wants to familiarize herself again or try to find her sister. Sedih :( . I still keep on expecting to see Fasha head pop up everywhere when I took Kurap outside. 

Also, I mentioned cats because the first day back at home, my husband and I went to a hardware shop and I noticed a poor little kitty. He is so tiny and tubby and looks so full of worms. And I noticed misai kucing die sume pendek except for 1, so he looks a little peculiar. Somebody must have cut off his whiskers. I took him home and he is now living in a cage until I am sure he is ok and not diseased. He is a noisy little thing and likes to be let outside playing with the lalang at my house. Macam biasa aku tak tahu aku nak keep ke tak the tiny thing but I usually ended up will. Kite tengok je dulu. 


taqiyuddin bakir said...


From now henceforth, I dub the cat Tubby! TubbyCat in camelcase. Or maybe in keeping with tradition, Worms! I prefer TubbyCat. What do you think? What shall we name it?

Dils said...

Heh. Before I can even think of a name, husband had named the tubby one as 'Bobby Singer'. I want to call him 'Banyak Bunyi'.

FrH said...

cpt la update the 2 countries europe trip itewwww ;)

Anasfadilah said...

tis morning otw to work,ada satu anak kucing warna hitam kaki putih (macam pakai socks) lintas depan kereta,dia nampak hilang arah..comel sangat.harap dia tak mati kena lenggek kereta.harap sangat.

sekian karangan pendek. XD

Dils said...

Frh: Fine fine. Haha. Aku try keluarkan 2 posts this weekend!

Dila: Kesian kann.. I akan teruja kalau ade orang sanggup stop to make sure its ok. I tak buat, tapi pernah notice few people ade buat.

Ikin said...

Hi Dils,

Happy gile jumpa ur blog :). Semuaaaa pun I suka. Cepat2 update ur europe trip :). We have a lot in common....female, scorpio (owhhh ...ur birthday dah lepas or cominggg...mine...otw :) :)), travel, catss, books....

I love ur blog... (both).

Dils said...

Thanks Ikin!

The other blog is pretty much dead though. Only this one is kinda active.

Tengah tadek masa nak update blog. But itulahh..

dedalie said...

Hi dils,
sorry lambat, sorry for ur loss. i know how it feels. semoga dapat pengganti hehe

Dils said...

Thanks Dalie.

Both Puteh and Fasha were very unique cats. But the new kitten sekarang ni quite helping in menceriakan hati.

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