Friday, March 04, 2011

You know what is a bitch

... when they close 1 road down in KL and the whole KL traffic goes to hell. I predict we ain't even gonna reach to our meeting place at 6pm this morning.

... when your skin is so sensitive that you can't wear the very expensive eye cream that you bought because it makes your eyes watery and the skins under the eyes itchy.

... you are late to work and your cat had just puke green slimy stuff all over the kitchen.

And eh, no other things to rant about. Because the above complains make me feel ungrateful, and in the spirit of TGIF, let's list the one thing I am grateful to counter the negative.

... KL traffic , I am grateful for - No. I can't think of any good things to say about KL traffic because I am dreading the way back home tonight.

... sensitive skins - while my skin is sensitive it is also quite hassle free. I don't have MUCH acne problems (tho it is starting to flare up now) and I can wear any products as long as I am careful, except for the eye areas.

... I am grateful that even though I am late to work, my working hour is so flexible that everybody came at 10 am anyway ( ehem.. I sometimes stroll in at 11, like today).

So that's that. Besok shopping! (Kalau husband baca mesti die trembling in terror. I promise not to over buy things. Kut )


FrH said...

bitch tu part sensitive skin jek .. hehe.

part msk ofis lambat tu sgt heaven okkkkkkk

Dils said...


itu memang best.. undeniable!

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