Saturday, June 09, 2007

A ring later..

I'm going to Vietnam again. So.. before leaving, I am tacking in some old news.

Yes, as the picture suggested. I am engaged. Most knew it. Some don't. So here.

The engagement was held in KL on the 27th of May 2007.

Hence the reason I am bankrupt a bit.

How was the majlis? Arrr.. The food was great, everything's went on smoothly, many came.

How is it being engaged? Pretty much the same, except I kept on leaving my ring everywhere.

How's me? Honestly, I don't know. I felt... I feel.. Well.. I can't say can't I? :P



taqiyuddin bakir said...

some don't know? some don't know!? SOME!? nooooo! can't be!

eL said...

Wow! Beautiful ring! And beautiful fingers too. ;p Congrats Dils! Now that you have sweet blood (darah manis) running through your veins, be sure to be strong and steadfast with your fiancee through the trials and tribulations. ;)

mangifera said...

huh? you're getting married? congrats. but still, i can't feel the excitement in your post. the most exciting post i ever read is during your visit to singapore (actually while you putting your exp watching Phantom's opera).

i still can't believe it. anyway, care to share your fiancee look like? :P

SheeMa said...

Hey beb,
congrats skali lagi.. ha'ah tak kisah lah dah bertunang ke dah kahwin ke.. kita still will have each other..especially during the hard times :)..and of course..masa makan besar! hehe.

seri sengal said...

eh awek, letak la gamba u n bunga yg i snap tu..alahai i rasa gamba tu cukup lawa..ecewah..puji diri, puji sape

congrats! now, u, shima n me are engaged..lets get married!!!! hahahahahaha..doesnt it sounds like "jom makan!!!!"

obefiend said...

sneka attack.. +78 critical hit

kalah kezutan AF. congrats.. very very! have fun in vietnam quoc dang dang


Dila said...

I'm back and blue!

Oh.. some now knew.. :D

Oh.. is that advice or wishes? Heh..

The disbelief in your comment is tantamount. Heh. Oh.. Praps you're right. Maybe I did need to inject some enthusiasm into the post.

yeay! How's that?

Herm... oh.. probably you knew him kut.

Haha.. Makan besa je.. count me in. Tak kesah la time tu masalah ke hepi2 ke.

Oh.. pnampo lagi.

Eii.. nk letak.. tp ade lil bit of flaw yg takleh nk photoshop pon. Hahahah (Mcm aku photoshop la gamba2 aku pon).

Let's let's get married.. sila kawin dulu sblom aku.. hihi..


Surprise me. Imagine my surprise. haha..

You're not the only one surprise kut. Lots and lots of others.

Oh takpe.. Vietnam was kewl.

Jannah said...

a combo of astonishment and disbelief. mamat mana you tangkap ni? i thought you're all bitter and heartbroken like moi. nevertheless congratulations and may you be filled with happiness and lots of hot loving :-)

Tenno Miyake said...

Kewl kewl,

The photographer should have taken the picture from your left, not from your behind left.

Tak nampak la cincin...

Dila said...

Haha. I did guess you will be surprise. Ade la mamat tu in the backdrop of all these drama. Huhu..

Now.. I won't go all Hindustani and I think.. prolly I'll stay quiet from now on regarding the heartbreak thingies. (Eik.. my fiance may read this.. )

Maybe I should start a new blog? Huurmmphh..

Tenno Miyake/Izham:

Oh... the photographer is my brat of a brother who have no idea where to point a camera. (I have no official photographer on my engagement day!) oh the shame..

but i like it still..

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