Sunday, June 03, 2007

Penning Off ...For Now..

You scored as Neither, You think neither like a man nor like a woman. What you are you may decide for yourself. Most people will consider you strange, alien, weird or funny. You are probably quite interesting.









Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
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"You are probably quite interesting". Thehe. This statement tickled me. I don't know why. Probably I imagined that it is being said like a questioning remarks, eyebrows raised, a hint of disbelief in it...

But this is a short post and a short note.

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'll be even more sorrier (if that's even a word), since I know this hiatus would be a lot more longer. So you would probably not be seeing a long post for a while. Maybe I'll try to tack a short note here and there.

I am busy working and will be travelling soon.

Promise to update... arr.. when I am not sleep deprived. (I currently feel I could happily kill anyone to get a bed and sleep without any disruption)

Another thing, those who know Gohan @ Amalia Khairunnisa ( ala.. yang drive QM40 masa kat UTP tu) , one of my really, nicest, goodiest friend, please sedekahkan a prayer to her father, En. Abd Rahim who passed away yesterday morning (2nd June 2007).

I am really sorry for her loss, this good friend of mine, and I hope she and her family would be strong.

Al Fatihah...


obefiend said...

neither? wow.. i would be offended pasal that would make a transexual


but in all honesty i think like a girl all the time.. hehee..

seri sengal said...

we love u Gon!

Dila said...

Haha.. prolly that's why the quiz rated me as neither. Since I am not offended nor indignant. Just merely amused.

Maybe... I think like an alien! Conquer earth! Must find clean air! Search for things never seen before!

All loves mama gon..

obefiend said...

are u XENU in disguise?.. i still have loads of thethan to purge from my body!


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