Sunday, May 13, 2007

With a little illumination

It's been a month since I seen the Phantom of the Opera. I was waiting for the pictures to be upload. But screwed the pictures. Its not like I am in much of the pictures pon. So.. I'm writing this and just upload whatever pics I can think of.

This procrastination is due to the most part, computer problem at home. My computer is dying. While Effi's one is raring to go and is quite a Spartan if it comes into battle, Lee's are magnet to virus, mine is just silently wishing its owner would end its pathetic life and let it R.I.P. Therefore it is slowly shutting down its functions on me. Oh no. I don't have any money to upgrade or fix my computer. My moolah well is dried up . I believe I have to turn to my backup moolah well to survive this month. I am officially broke for the next 3 months. Therefore any suggestion to "Eh... orang dah keje kan.. belanja la..", would receive a response in a manner of a grunt and dagger-like looks. So I still need to ride my computer as an elderly, sickly, obedient donkey that it is.

While I usually also blogged at office, work is screaming blue bloody murder (I have no idea what it meant. I just put it in.) Well, in plain language. Keje banyak la. There's a whole lots of tickets coming in and I end up coming at home wishing ... well just wishing that there is no such thing as working for money.

Ah well.. introduction di atas pon dah sangat lah panjang kan. Moving on.

As for the Singapore trip, before any of you spouts off questions if had I gone to Sentosa Island, Geyland (wth is in Geyland anyway?), shopping trips, food intake trips. I went to Singapore with one purpose in mind. To watch Phantom of the Opera. Even if it means I have to sleep at the very squeaky clean streets of Singapore. Actually no.. even if it means no decent cheap hotel available, I would fork out money to stay at the 5 Star hotel, just as so I can go see the musical.
I went with Gohan since she shares my interest (though I doubt that she knows the lyrics like me ^_^ (My attempts at emoticon is pathetic..)

I had been in love with the musical since I was 12. Which is weird because,
  1. I had never seen the musical.
  2. I had never seen the movie
  3. I never read its book.

However I had heard the music. Thus I fell in love.

The Esplanade was a disappointment. Outside and lobby-wise I guess. But it have no wasteful space. I meant kinda like you see these big building that have all these beautiful open spaces. Esplanade theater seems to use each of its space effectively. But I am no expert nor fan in architecture design, thus I'm ending my view on this matter.

We went early and when ushered to our seat... I just realized that I actually had purchased the front row seats. (What? I don't realize this before.? I bought the tickets monthssss ago.. You think I remember?) . We sat just right in front of those musician ensembles. While waiting for the show to start, we also take a peek to see those musician prepare themselves. (Not one of them is handsome)

Now the seat. Ohhh... at first I was nervous , if its actually ok. But my friend seems to be delighted. She said we can see all those in life size stature (instead of the tiny mini Tiara Jacqueline we saw at Puteri Gunung Ledang theatre). And goodies isn't she right. I reckon one of the cast spit even came flying at me.

Looking at their costume, make up, set designs that close. I can only say wow.

The show itself?

Fantastic. The. Best. Ever. Musical.

If its in Kuala Lumpur. I believe I would have seen it at least 3 times. At different seating. To see how it look like from a different view.

What I love? How would thee count the way...

First, the music of course. Duh. I use to listen to it daily. Until I lost the CD. Boo. My ultimate favorite was Phantom of the Opera and Think of Me. Now Masquerade and Music of the Night is becoming a great favorite too.

Then the stage design and sets. When you came into the theatre. You see it looks dreary (Let me explain by: the start of the show , as like the movie, it showed the theatre in almost ruins , long past the time of the story, then the story goes back in time telling the story of Phantom and Christine) . The side panel of the theatre are all covered with some cloth that look like organza. Then.. when it came to the Phantom time, its almost like magic seeing the stage transformed. Seeing the drapery being pulled all around the stage is almost like seeing time unraveling before your eyes. Especially since you are at the center front row seat.

Which brings me to another part of the show that I love. The effect. Earlier there was a sign outside the doors warning that this show have gunshot effect sounds and loud bang sounds ; something like that la. We were puzzled seeing those. The show goes back in time when the auctioneer, showing the infamous chandelier told to light it up... "With a little illumination..". Then with a bang (and a small scream from me. Shock, ok... ) and sparks going around the chandelier, the chandelier swung upwards, (many scream by others...who's also in front.). Revealing what the stage might had look like those many years ago. Words doesn't do it justice. You need to see it. Eik. Now those who hadn't seen it will lose the surprise. Well too bad. Thehe.

The cast. I heard from a snobby looking chick during intermission, saying she thinks the cast is.. well badly cast. Physical wise. Complaining that Carlotta should be pretty and slim . Huh? If you want to see those stick figure pretty little thing, go and see the movie la. Not that I have anything against the movie. Just that, I think the woman cast as Carlotta in this show, is well.. Carlotta. Christine , well I am tad bit disappointed. She looks a bit old, and tired. But when she start singing. The voice is lovely is an understatement. I read the review, where they say that Christine voice in this production, is almost innocence-like. Not as powerful as Carlotta. I tend to disagree, where Carlotta voice brimmed with maturity of age, Christine is just as powerful, but lacking those maturity. But I don't feel her voice is as innocence-like or sweet-like. That, is what Sarah Brightman and there is another person (can't remember the name) the one in the London production, that have those quality and well reverberate it with Christine.

And Raoul. Oh my fluttering heart . Handsome Gila! Even with all those piles of make up and blusher. You can see that. That he is REALLY handsome. If one would have a dream of castle in clouds, white horses with wings. He is the handsome prince that came astride in one of those white horses lording that castle.

Of the musical number, I most love seeing performed was Masquerade. Oh... it was lovely. Just as I would imagine it would be.

I ended up spending a whole lot on the Phantom's merchandise. This is to make up on the loss of merchandise I didn't shop during Disney Beauty and the Beast on Ice show..student trainee salary doesn't afford such luxury . Lemme see. A locket. 2 mugs. 1 Programme Book. The CD. Some fridge thingies for my sister. (Mcm byk lagi je tapi I totally forgot)

Now.. is there any part of the show which I don't like? Well.. the chandelier doesn't go down as dramatically as it went up. But apart from that. I am well satisfied. It is a well spent 300Rm ticket. I'm glad that I catch it. Even though I was watching the show with heavy lidded eyes. I hadn't slept for more than 24 hours! (Curse bloody well lit bus that doesn't make it as comfy for me to sleep after working on night shift)

The cast was talented. (My eardrums throbbed several times during the show whenever the divas are belting out their piece). The stage was beautiful, well design and creatively used. The musical numbers is just as entertaining and beautiful as I expected it to be.

Now. If I can just only buy another of those Phantom CD. It seems my sister want mine.


cleo weiland said...

You do know its Geylang right.
Not Geyland.
Or was that a deliberate typo? Hmm.

Geylang by day is a flea market paradise, by night it's sinfully red light district. So unless you're a bargain hunting auntie or a horny old man, I guess the place doesn't offer much :P

Now, tell me more about this Raoul person :)

cleo weiland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dila said...

Haha.. Actually its just a type. I do know the spelling. But I had spelt it as Geyland without realizing it. Truly Geyland then? Hik.

Oh.. I do know its a red light district. Heh. (Am a JB person but don't know anything more about Geylang than that.)

Now Raoul. Tall, dark, handsome, great baritone voice. (I may need to come back again on his real name)

Ohhhhhhh *swoons*

obefiend said...

dear miss. please take care of the donkey since even old donkey can work wonders when u need them. how about a little spring cleaning.

bloody bloody murder sounds like the name of a scandinavian death metal band who support Chelsea Football Club.. eheh hee hehe.. i joke.

i wish cleo is not a fan of the theatre coz im the kind of husband who think theatre is a snoozle. but reading ir blog makes me wonder.. maybe i should gibe it a chance eh? i dunno much about phantom.. but the phantom song is famous. when it comes to lloyd webber i like Memries from CATS. thats song is soo menegakkan bulu roma...

geyland.. weiland.. sound like my nickname in UTP je. some chaps do call me geyland... tah hapa hapa.

/me is now looking for the torrent of the movie. gerard "leonidas" butler and Emmy "cute face no ass" Rossum are in them...

Dila said...

Thehe. I think the last attack had cause it to be force-spring clean.

Huhu. Well.. I like musical. More interesting. Why don't you give it a try the next time a musical comin to town. Maybe if PGL comes again. Hoho.

I don't like Cats. Don't know why.

The movie .. I haven't seen it in full. Some say it crap. Some are just salivating for Gerard Butler.

( I like Gerard Butler voice tho)

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