Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Verdict is In

Oh. The computer at home had just recovered from its nervous breakdown. Still loads of things to do. So pics are on hold (Not much pon.... as I keep saying..).

First of all, congratulations to Serias, one of my lovely best friends manage to get a brand new spanking bejeweled ring slipped in by her soon to be mother in law. Congratulations on your engagement.

Eeiii. Big yawn. I am so very sleepy. So this is one way in keeping up but I don't have much mood in posting long post when I am sleepy. It is also VERY cold in the office. I have in mind to buy socks next time and extra shawl. This do not do much to hinder sleeps. In fact. I long to sprawl on the floor of the office and get a good snore. P.S. And yeah. Work are still killing us.

Okay. Let's get ahead with the point of the post.

Already finish reading Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City and Ann Rule, The Stranger Beside Me.

Hurmph. Candace Bushnell. I read 4 Blondes. I read Sex and The City. Both book.. are.. almost unpleasant. The former is ok enough, but kinda sickening and at times almost boring. The latter is more like Sex Guide if you want to date a New Yorker. Maybe because I am not hip and happening and don't rampantly goes from men to men or live in New York, that I don't get it. Maybe. Anyhow, no more Candace Bushnell book for me. Unless anybody can prove me otherwise.

Verdict? Not funny. Dark. Weird at times. Yawner and a page turner (that I meant by I turned the pages rapidly skipping the boring parts)

Then after failed being humored by Sex and the City, I turned my attention to Ann Rule, The Stranger Beside Me. The book is about Ted Bundy. Those who do not know who is Ted Bundy, you can read more on him here at

I used to love reading these type of books when I was in high school (which is why I am so pyschotic at times?). So reading on Ann Rule interview and how she have the (dis)advantage of actually personally knowing Ted Bundy as a young man before the world knows him as a sociopathic vicious serial killer, is an interesting perspective.

I didn't expect much since these type of books (True Stories of Serial Killers) are usually kinda bland (Yes, even with all the weird sexual acts, head bashing, gutting of body..). But actually it is... interesting. The book give 3 different views. Ann view and her worlds, Ted Bundy and his victims.

It started as usual with how he grew up, challenges faced.. etc..etc. Then when it came to the murders of the young girls, the story quicken its pace. Reading the book on a comfort of my bed with a hot drink in hand , my heart beats in trepidation on reading uncomfortably on how easy it is for him to pick up his victim. I found myself almost afraid when I read on the rages he unleashed on the girls and shivers before going to sleep thinking of it. In my mind, I can almost imagine him, hand upraised, holding a crowbar, face contorted, just ready to swing it. Yups. That's me and my overimaginative imagination.

Usually, I will read the book until I got too disturbed, and promptly go to sleep. When it came to the trial part, it then trudges on slowly up until the end of his trial verdict.

Verdict? It is an interesting book and Ann Rule shows Bundy as a complex character. Its like you are reading on 2 separate guy. You know he is a monster, but reading the book you can almost see the confusion on the people around him trying to figure out if the man they knew is capable of killing. Chilling at times and an interesting view on a notorious killer.


Jannah said...

Babe. Chick flick. What you expect. Haha. Yes aku kejam. New York fast living. I thought the Sex in the City book was the origin of the HBO miniseries? Too lazy to IMDB.

There's a made for TV movie based on that Ann Rule book. In it how she realized he was the killer was when she saw this demented look on his face. You can't fake psychosis.

And yeah Blake totally rocked that Bon Jovi song :)

Dila said...

Huhu. The series was based on the book. But it was revamped. And thank you for that since the book doesn't make much sense.

I don't think so I can classed 4 blondes and Sex and the City as a fluff of chick flick. It certainly darker and tapped more into a person dissappointment and attitude.

It just.. like you are expecting ice cream and you get lasagne instead.

And yeah.. probably not faking it. But they can hide it.

obefiend said...

i was enevr a fan of candice bunshell. she falls into the chick lit category. and u pun tak suka so i deduce i will hate it even more than i do.

the ted bundy books sounds interesting. i am a huge fan of psycho killer. since can and will never kill another person reading stories about them is as close as i can get to the real thing

this is guy is a nutcase. he even represented himself in court..bad idead......

"see you in disneyland"

ted bundy is such a nutcase!

Dila said...

Aha. Yes. I remembered you once express an interest in reading Patricia Cromwell book on Jack the Ripper.. apekah tajuk itu..

Candace Bushnell book is dark for chick lit. I like my chick lit fluffy and silly and candycane pink.

The judge actually commended him. Saying that he would probably be a pretty good lawyer.

seri sengal said...

hey awex, gonna miss u a lot.. =(
seriously, it is so dem heartsick to leave u gurls behind, but i have too..
thanks for being there, fren..
hugs&kisses, serias

Dila said...

huits huits.. knapekah??

Maw bertolak awal kah?

Woo. wooo.. sessi menangis nanti2 la weh..

But gonna miss you too awex. Sapekah mahu menemani gueh di kala malam yg sepi lagi..

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