Tuesday, January 08, 2019


I didn't make a recap of my 2018. 

Not much to recap. I did mean to blog about my trip to Kyoto and Tokyo. It would be a shame to leave that out. Maybe later when the house is less a mess? 


Also not helping Netflix adding a whole lot of Korean dramas in their selection. Korean dramas I tell you. Don't start or you will plunge into an abyss of fantastical tale of justice and stupid romance. I can't get enough of it. 

Also Aziz started is Year 1 at the sek keb. Yeay! So far he is loving it but he is kinda adapting to having a full schedule. He have Islamic school in the morning then home for an hour and get ready for the sek kebangsaan. I am also adapting to the new schedule. 

See what I tell you the house is a mess!

Sarip also wants to be in the pic.

This is Aziz on his second day being nosey and wanting to see his friends desk. 

I was planning to not give him pocket money yet, but the he informed me all of his friends have pocket money and he tried to get his new friends to 'belanja' him to no avail. He also said he tried to pinjam his friends wallet to no avail too! The horrors!

So rather than having him asking his friends for money he got pocket money now and a new wallet with strict instructions to not ask stuff from his new friends! 

Sigh, I guess this is what parenting really is. Later. There is nasi lemak awaiting. 

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