Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3rd boy born

Alhamdulillah selamat lahirkan my 3rd boy. 

So on the 5th of June checked myself into PCMC around 10pm. My surgery is scheduled for 7 am the next day. We put Saif at my sister and Aziz and his father stay with me. 

Since it is confirmed that I am undergoing c-section, not much hassle and bother. CTG machine was only put on me once at 11pm and another at 5 am the next day, to make sure I do not have any contractions. Malam tu boleh pulak la aku sakit kepala and berak2, but not too bad. 

So by 7 am dah kena tolak to dewan bedah. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but my gynae for this pregnancy is Datuk Dr Aziz. And I am glad for this pregnancy amik die because he is excellent. But I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, husband cannot come into dewan bedah because Aziz is with him. So it is just me. 

The last 2 full pregnancy, I had been put into epidural. This time, they gave me a spinal tap, so it was given dekat OT. And boy was my head spinning, manage to puke myself. Ahhh... I always puke during surgery. Confirmed dah ni. 

Anyway it didn't take long at all. I think we started around 7.19 am and then by 7.53 baby dah keluar. Kali ni I don't feel drowsy. More curious at what's going on. Can hear when they slice my stomach and smells something like burning flesh jugak. Horrifying. I am glad I can't see. 

When they finally pulled out the baby, I can hear immediately his gurgling cries. He won't stop crying and when they cleared out the liquid , lagi lah bergema OT dengan nangis die. Even the anesthetist remarked "Semangatnye yang ni " . 

After that it was pretty standard, stitched me up, baby taken to nursery, then post recovery. Last time I was in post recovery, I just got a blanket, and I was shivering so bad, right until several hours after c-section. This time I think ade new procedure, so they put some kind of hot air blower in between the blanket, and my shivering subside and no shivers after they wheeled in me in my room! Yeay! 

The baby is wheeled after 2 3 hours. Sedap tido gamaknye dalam nursery. He had problem latching on the first day but afterwards drink like a little trooper. 

Oh the baby? 

Fresh from oven gitu. Gambar amik sendiri sebab still stuck onto bed. He looked so much like Aziz that when the paeds first shown me the baby, I immediately said "sebijik aziz". 

Anyway, I stay at the hospital until Friday. This time post op recovery is kinda great. By the 2nd day can get out of bed and out of the urine tube. This time, the c section wound does not hurt so much. The cramping / post contractions is a bitch though. I swear I cried once. 

Datuk Aziz said since this is my c-section, I needed stitches rather than glue like the last 2. Also he mentioned, if I decided on the next child, the next c-section have to be my last. My ovary is kinda messed up from the last surgeries, seems like it is sticking with the stomach lining and other things. Datuk Aziz said to not eat any herbal supplements or anything that promote speedy recovery. The recovery should happen naturally. Huh. If only I knew this on my first kan. Heh. 

2 weeks after my c section, the stitches is healing great. Better than the previous one. I can move freely pain free ( if I do not push myself) and I don't feel as bloated as before either. Anyway, we will see how post recovery gonna be. 

As for the baby himself, he is doing great. We did his circumcision on the 2nd day, and the ring had just come off yesterday. Pusat masih lagi ade. It is a bit weird sebab the clamp fell off but some bits of tali pusat tu ade lagi. Have to continue to see. And if it bugs me too much, I can always ask my sis. 

I think dah cukup panjang kut. Will continue to write about the baby later. He is breastfeeding well and sleeping well. I am still trying to juggle the kids, the baby and the house. 

Later. Also selamat berpuasa and menjalani ibadah di malam2 terakhir ni. 

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