Saturday, May 27, 2017

Selamat Beribadah di Ramadhan

I think I do it well enough if its a short burts sorta entry. 

- Tomorrow Ramadhan, and sahur pon aku taknak masak. Hey... I had never been a sahur type of person before but also realized am like 37 weeks pregnant so have to have sustenance. Also I can't move around too much without feeling like my water gonna broke and I am going to go into labor. 

- My surgery is scheduled around next week. I am nervous. 

- Still have a lot of things to be prepared. At least baju dah basuh. Tomorrow basuh mittens and booties and towel. Then sterilize bottle and breast pump. Then kemas barang. Need to also kemas baju for my kids. So many stuffs still need to be done. 

- I am tired all the time. 

- I don't know how I am gonna handle 3 kids without my husband being around most of the time. Don't know, don't know pon... kena lah get through it. LOL. 

- Baby is active and kicking around now. Probably happy her mom is drinking horlicks. Funny how when I was little I hate horlicks with all my might, up to my 20s. Then kids came and pregnancy and breastfeeding came, it is either Milo ( which I can get sick of quite easily) or Horlicks for my hot drinks. Horlicks win most of the time, and bile this pregnancy almost a daily thing. 

- Realized ever since I quit I haven't been updating much. Pity. I haven't even blogged about my trip to Cambodia though to be fair, I went pretty much the same route as the last visit. Probably will do like a short update... tahun depan? LOL. 

- Most probably I am gonna be updating after I got my baby. Kalau rajin maybe I pop in just a little earlier just to gloat I got everything ready. 

- And yes, this Ramadhan is gonna be tough, what with the kids not schooling, me going into czer operation soon and being listless most of the time. Maybe it is a good time to reflect on why I am feeling like this and what I can do to be better spiritually. 

- Tadek mood nak masak, tadek mood nak usha sgt pasar Ramadhan also. How now? Mesti price pasar Ramadhan gile saiko what with everything going up nowadays. 

Selamat berpuasa to my readers. 

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