Monday, February 27, 2017

Google Pixel - User POV

So ever since I heard that Google want to make a phone, I was like super excited. Most of the people I know have a hard on for Iphone, but I looked at Iphone, tried it and like nah.

Though I am not really the really fanatical Android user who rooted their phone. I used to consider rooting my phone because I don't get why some UI is so limiting. I mean, we bought the phone and own the phone, why are you developers so anal about letting users have more control over our phone?

I think after the inclusion of China made phones have changed the industry a lot, and their anal control issues gets a bit looser. Also most of them started to lose out the shitty heavy UI that is integrated into their phone, to differentiate their phone from others but just make me moan and sigh on why are my phone so laggy.

Ok. I did not mean to go on and on about how Android had evolved to the better nowadays.

Anyway back to the first sentence. Super excited. Listened to the Google execs drone on and on about their miraculous new phone during the launch and was like hopping and hoping when can I get it. They waxed on poetic compliments on how the great the phone is. Then it went live, or being sold to US markets and reviews started to come in. Most are gushing. I was like, when can I get this phone laahhh! But Google is being super laggy like Android of the past in releasing it to other countries. I mean the only Asian country they released it to, for now is India. Sheeesh.

My husband knows how much I want it, and after much protestations on my end on how much it cost bought me one nonetheless. Since it is not still available in Malaysia, he have to buy it in an airport during a layover in Dubai. A complete surprise , I might add. I was just sitting on my couch and he just handed the Pixel case like he bought me chocolates.

Unboxing the Pixel. LOL. ( I think unboxing video is the silliest invention men/women created) .

So been using more than a month now, and here goes my thoughts on it. I think it is only apt to review it my way. Not a tech writer so not gonna spend my time writing on how fast the processor is ( pretty fast ) but more on what I like and don't like about the phone.


- Pretty fast like I said before
- Pretty good camera. Got a lot of cool function . Esp like the panorama function, the 360 function and the blur function.
Trying out the blur function. Lapar pulak tengok bihun tomyam
Edited: A larger panorama view of my messy bookcase. A purge is needed soon

- I like how it is so pleasing to hold. I don't get carpal tunnel much, The phone also feels sleek, and don't feel cheap. (well, it better don't feel cheap. Mahal kut), Though I might add husband bought me the Pixel biasa, not the XL. Not sure how nice that feels.

- Battery while not phenomenal, is pretty damn good. It can last in a reasonable amount of time. Pokemon Go can be played without battery draining like running water.

- Since my old phone do not have the fingerprint function yet, I was very impressed with this fingerprint unlock phone thingy. The Pixel one places it at the back, which I like because it is so much more user friendly that way and , yes it is quite fast to unlock too.

The back of the Pixel is very distinctive. Fingerprint unlock at the back

- The unlimited photo and video storage offered by google when backed up into the google drive/space . I had run out of my Dropbox and was afraid the same is gonna happened to my Google drive so this. is. a . godsend.

- Does not overheat. All my previous phones have tendency to heat after playing games or while charging. Haven't experienced this yet with my Pixel.


- Can't really handle too many apps being opened. I kept on forgetting to close. And if you open a really heavy app while there are a lot of apps running at the back, it can hang a bit or the app may crash.

- The ringtone being offered is very limited and soft sounding to my liking. I have to download another ringtone I guess. Havent try that out.

- The speaker is at the bottom and do not rock my world enough. It is reasonably loud, but I was used to my Oppo that have really loud volume.

Can't think of more to add. All in all, I am pretty satisfied and I love my new phone. 

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