Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mini splurge at the Popular Warehouse Book Sale

This year instead of the BBW sale, I much more antcipated this Popular Warehouse Sale because it is cheaper. RM5 instead of RM8 the usual in BBW . Like the previous year it was held in Vivo Home Shopping Mall . 

Went there on Thursday night, spent about an hour. Dont get to browse much because I was tired . And the rows of books are like these. 

The Popular Warehouse Sale do not have such a wide range of bestsellers normally seen at BBW, but maybe I don't really have the time to dig through. However one thing I like about the Popular Warehouse sale, there is some pretty good stationery and some toys. 

Was thrilled to find the lapdesk, which is around RM24 I think, because I was looking for something similar since I am now using my husband old Surface and the Surface needs a pretty sturdy flat surface for me to use it properly with a keyboard, bought some toys for the kids. The Hot Wheels cost RM10.99 for 2. 

Also bought a magnetic board , not pictured. 

My books, counted about 17 minus a recipe book on biskut raya . Heh. I already have Mansfield Park, but this hardback edition is pretty nice. Most of these books are unknown to me, so finger crossed I find a gem.

Aziz books , which is all he chose for himself. He chose The Eating Monster book for Saif. Satu je buku untuk Saif. LOL. 

Oh and those wanting to go, it is still on till this Sunday. Don't expect the BBW range of books and cara susunan, but you may find what you want and the kids book and stationery is a steal. 

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