Friday, April 08, 2016

Home bake (Picture not pinterest worthy!)

It is Friday, and compared to last week Friday, today is a much more mellower Friday. Thus. I like! 
Last Friday was insane. There was an issue of sorts, and then my boss started berating me in front of everybody basically saying I am not doing my jobs in updating stuffs ( which I did, he have selective memory is our running jokes in this office) . 

I was in the midst of updating ( and I am not really feeling to tell the whole story here about the issues, biasa la issues at work kan, lagi2 if dealing with payroll) and he basically stopped me halfway in doing my job, just to vent. All the while he is 'bla bla bla ing' I was thinking... this is not productive at all. So I just stopped him and go somewhere else to get updates. Honestly. Most of the time when he is berating, he just wants to vent. But last week, I just can't. Don't vent in the middle of the office boleh? 

Ok. So that is my vent. 

Anyway, I had been firing my up my oven recently. Maybe because stress just makes me wanna eat more. 

It was my mom birthday and I make lemon cake with frosting. This is an achievement of some sort because this is the second time I tried to make frosting, and it turned out, not bad. First time was a raging failure. Well, the second time it was kinda fail, but then I am the sort who hated to waste thing. Macam kalau tak jadi takkan nak buang all these butter and sugary concoctions kut! Butter and sugar mahal taw! 

So I read that if your frosting don't really fluffed up even if followed instructions to a T , it can be because the temp is really hot. So putting it in a fridge can help, so yeps, I put my frosting in a fridge and after about an hour or so, it begin to fluff up again. LOL . Dapur panas sangat kut. 

My frosting skills is still a lot lacking. Hahahaha. I don't really have cake stand or proper plate for cake so it is kinda hard to frost. Leceh betul. Nak tunjuk gamba atas pon mcm segan. Tapi ini adalah bukti! Saya masak kek. 

Probably will buy a cake stand next. Considering, selalu jugak la bake. And I think dengan bulan puasa tak lama lagi ni, I will again bake the usual date cake again because I want to use up the extra dates that we usually got. 

So last weekend to get away from the stress of that issue, I bake some brownies sebab I promised bebudak yang tolong solvekan issue tu 'belanja minum'. But we rarely go out anywhere and there is not any Starbucks or chatime nearby. Bake aje lah brownies senang and give to them. 

I used a previous recipe for brownies that I had also updated the link here in this blog. Brownies kali ni manis sikit, sebab instead of the usual cooking chocolate, I used some chocolate biasa that I have LOADS of in the fridge. My husband beli chocolate banyak gile last time he went to Turkmenistan. So it is a bit manis. Cut down the sugar in the recipe to just a quarter since there are also chocolate chips in them. 

This brownie recipe should have frosting, tapi aku tak kuasa. It feels too much like a cake plak kalau brownies ade frosting, to me. 

The people at the office likes it, so ok la. Mission accomplished. 

Next plan to bake is either, soft cookies for the kids or cupcakes. Probably cookies kut. Maybe next weekend lah. 

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