Monday, March 28, 2016

Sookie Stackhouse Series

I first watched True Blood but then it becomes a tad unwatchable after Season 3 I think. Sookies just seems a lot whiny to me. Someone tells me to try to read the books because Sookie Stackhouse is a much more acceptable heroine in the books. That is usually the case pon kan. 
Kurang 3 books, this is a 13 series books. Took me a year to finish all. 

So the novels series by Charlaine Harris ; The Southern Vampire Mysteries basically chronicled Sookie's life. I would say the timeline from she first meet Bill to the last book event is maybe give or take 5 years? Around book 6 or 7, I was thinking, damn Sookie have a lot of near death events. I think towards the end, even Charlaine Harris thinks it had become a tad bit ludicrous. 

I don't feel like posting a synopsis, because almost everybody knows of True Blood. I only watched the last episode of True Blood just to see how it ends, and I like how the series end. For the book, I am quite satisfied with it too. I can see also that is the only logical way to go.  

Anyway in the book I think 

- Sookie is less whinier. She don't like to talk much, if she feels fed up with it, she will just do it herself. I like it. In the series, she seems almost whiny. 

- I get her relationship with memory loss Eric in the book. In the series, it feels icky, kinda like Big icky. ( You know the movie Big, where a kid grows up overnight to be Tom Hanks, then there is one scene where he had sex. BIG ICK. )

- The earlier books were smuttier, towards the end, it becomes less smutty. I think because she had also experienced a lot, so towards the end it is all been there done that. 

- I wish we had given a look into Faerieland. 

- Love how she wrote the vampires have a cool monarchy system going on for hundred of years, which the humans are oblivious. 

- Love also that most of the relationship Sookie have with her friends and the town and in the end, they all got her back. 

I love the books, though it does gets a bit redundant at the end. Sookie is in some sort of danger, manage to be saved by someone's help. Though it is unfair to say she always relied on someone help. Sometimes she managed to save herself. Sometime she saved others. But you can get a Sookie fatigue towards the end. Which is why, I always read some other books in between reading the book series. I may end up hating Sookie if I don't do that. 

But I enjoyed the book, it is well written. While it may not be complex or insightful but you do have a lot of fun reading it. Way better than some chick lits. Got a healthy dose of girl power, romance and relationship ongoing. The mythology of all the creatures had been setup nicely and not too boneheaded or out of this world. The faery is the most mysterious of them all, but I like it. 

And to close of the series, she also wrote After Dead. In After Dead, it listed if not all, but most of the beloved characters that we come to know and love in Sookie Stackhouse series, on their updates in life many years afterwards. I love that she decided to write this. Feels like a tribute to the fans that continue to read on. She knows the fans love it and this book is specially for the fans and it also brought a firm close lid on who Sookie ends up with. It is kinda bittersweet, but it does feel right. 

I am looking forward to read her other books. I had started already buying the other series. Usually I will kumpul it at the Big Bad Wolf Sale, because they always have Charlaine Harris series there. 

Hmmm.. I haven't finish a book for the longest time. Been busy. I was trying to finish the House of the Seven Gables, but it is so not a page turner. Been trying to take up some other books in between, but not able to finish all. 

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