Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So last Wednesday when I was saying how busy I was. Balik rumah ni lepas mandikan Aziz I noticed that badan die penum bintik2 merah. Chicken pox! 

Chicken pox Aziz amidst the messy home.

Aku punye la cuak kan sebab my husband is not around. So for about an hour I was just fretting. And also looking everywhere at Saif punye badan. 

It is not a good time to be out of the office. It is EA form time for Malaysia and SG and have to settle some issues quickly to meet deadline . And I was taking days off work from Thursday, but working most of the time at home. I am NOT HAPPY about it I tell you. I am on the laptop even during weekend. Aziz was lamenting why am I working all the time. I didnt even have time to play games with him. Poor Aziz. 

Anyway, it seems like Aziz have the mild one , it kinda flares up quickly and begin to dry around Saturday. My sister pon tengok and said dah no longer contagious ni on Sunday. But I still think it is better if he is at home for a couple of more days so I only send him back to school today. Lagipon semalam is swimming day. Taknak amik the risk la dulu. LOL. Nanti ade mak bapak mana2 menyumpah aku. 

Saif sampai sekarang still chickpox free. Though it is way too early to tell. He is having fever off and on again and tetiap malam I check his badan for pox mark. 

Kasik dua orang round round keliling porch dgn basikal on weekend.

On Sunday tu I mintak my sister help to babysit them because need to run errands which include bringing Brownie to the vet.

Brownie montok. 
One of the IG people once refer to Brownie as Bro-nie and somehow I felt like this is kinda suitable to him. So I called him that too. 

Anyway I noticed from last week he took forever to pee. And yang keluar is just few drops je. Had a couple of experience of this, and if its not treated can lead to death. So rase macam kenot delay gak. Naseb baik gak la ade my sis nak jaga bebudak, Pening plak pikir how to go to the vet bawak sorang berdukung, sorang berpimpim. No extra hand to carry pet carrier. 

Brownie lepas kena examined the vet  cakap dia ni ok je. Bladder takde rupa bloated or ape. And he seems to be good natured and active. 

So got some antibiotics and many other different pills. Naseb baik setakat ni die tak reti untuk scratched me to resist. I wonder why tadek easier medication to give to cats. Do you know the scratched we suffered!  Dan sembunyi ubat dalam wet food doesnt work, especially ubat cam antibiotic yg pahit, they know. 

Hoping semua get better. Quickly. 

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