Friday, April 13, 2007

Thinly veiled fog


" I don't know"

*insistently* "What do you think it meant..?"

"I don't know. Its a dream ok."

"Well... in your dream, he is taunting you aight.. Surely you must know what it signify?"

*exasperated* "Listen. I don't know. Half of the time, when he is speaking to me, face to face so earnestly, I think I knew. But then I realized later that I don't know him at all. Much less if he ever meant what he said. If in reality, I never know what to believe, you think I know what he said in my dreams?"

"You can't forget him."

"Oh. You are repeating him now."

"I'm not. Those line. It can be a fact, a statement or a question. In fact I think its all of them."

"Hmmm. That's silly. *sigh* "I just don't want to think about it. Forget it"

" How mature of you."

" I think its a pretty good defense." *shrugs*

*raised eyebrows* "Did he attacked you then ?"

"Quit it. I'm trying to be realistic." *rolls eyes*

" The line of dreams and reality are just a thin veil of fog."

" You should know."


Eh. The above? Just saje-saje aje.

Will update a more rational post later. Just very tired lately. I can hardly keep my eyes open.



Jannah said...

Pick me, love me.

i can't. i can't let her go. i'm the only one she got.

But I love you. With all my heart. Why can't you see that?

she loves me too. and i can see a future with her. with you i only see late night chatting. with her i see babies and a house.


it's done.

"The conversation that didn't happen that should have happened but had it happened I would have died."

Dila said...


obefiend said...

where the tornado pic. nak tengok u with some cash!


btw.. dont get the post. hope ada conclusion

Dila said...

Eh. Sorry. I got lazy in uploading pics. Was going to do it.. then something came up. Internet not working la.

The post.. tah la.

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