Friday, October 08, 2004

To Say or Not To Say?

The lamest of the lame!!!!

Last night my friends and I had a conversation on the most lamest pickup line or act on picking people up we ever had. And what I about to relate are an honest to goodness real life peoples spouting nonsense from their mouth and doing some pretty dumb stuff in makin them look even dumber...

1. A guy on a bus ask a girl sitting beside him (showing her his bus ticket stub). "Eh, awak tahu tak ape maksud2 nombor2 ni ye? Dari dulu lagi saya pikir.. macam tak masak akal.. bla bla" (while the girl gape at this stupid guy who is obviously asking such an unfounded dumb question.. while the guy are inching closer to the girl)

2. "Siti Nurhaliza!!.. Siti kan?? kan??" (This honestly happened).. this is lame if the girl do not minat Siti at all.

3. The guy ask "Apa nama awak?" , the girl reply "Suzana" (Bukan nama sebenar =p), the guy continues, "Awak ni Suzana, suka betul la tengok bukit-bukit kat luar ni.. Apa kata saya bagi nick name kat away Suzana Bukit, macam mesra kan?" (whut the hell?????)

4. A guy give a girl his phone number despite various attempts by the girl to deflect that from happening.. then.. he thrust it (the phone number) into her hands.. while continuously blocking her way "Awak janji awak akan call saya... Janji tau.. janji tau.. Janji betul2 pada saya awak akan call saya....Saya nak dengar awak kata awak janji!!" .. and the girl nodding furiously to stop the advances from the obviously psychotic guy

5. (this is more like an act).... A girl found herself being stalked continuously while shopping at a mall.. When at the batteries section, he's there..when at the cereal section he's there.. when at the pastry section. he's there... Alas.. the girl found herself in the arrr 'tuala wanita' section he is there looking at the same stuff as she are!!!.. Which then he blocked her way and asked for her phone number.. This is lame.. because.. guys.. please do not ask a girl her phone number while she is shopping for her sanitary pms stuff!! (This is like an advertisement in TV.. i know i know.. but i did not make the scenario up, it really did happened.. which is hilariously funny when think about it later on.. since got a sneaking feeling that probably this guy got this idea from watching this particular advertisement... PLEASE DO NOT ACT OUT THINGS BEING DONE IN TV)

6. Stalking a girl at a toilet and pinning her to the wall.. spitting sweet nonsense which could have been sweet if the situation hadnt been scary... this is actually sexual harassment..Therefore guys should also be aware on what consitutes as sweet, lame or just plain harassment...

Ahh.. needs to type my report.. will continue further on if rajin~

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